Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gabe's trip to the "Big Apple"

Here's some photos of Gabe's trip to NYC last weekend. He wasn't feeling well.....and he said it was "SUPER COLD" which only added to his misery of having a "cold and a sore throat." I don't think he looks too bad off really for not feeling well.
Radio City Music Hall.

Gabe and "The Girlfriend"
Gabe sleeping on the Staten Island Ferry.....I guess he wasn't feeling so "grand" after all.
At the "John Lennon Memorial"....I asked him "Why in the world would you go see that Memorial out of ALL the things to do in New York.....??" Just me....but I wouldn't have had that on my "List of important things to do while in NYC".....
He said they went there because "The British people that he was (there were two families on this trip) with all wanted to see it." Makes sense....the families are from a town near Liverpool where John Lennon and The Beatles were from.
Okay, I will buy that.
The "Dakota" where John Lennon was shot and where Yoko still currently lives, is the cool building in the background.

Skating at Rockefella Center....Gabe said it "VERY expensive" so he didn't skate but the three girls did.
A "scary person" in Times Square.
Eating a "Chilly Dog" on the street.

Overall Gabe said he had a "Great time" but would want to go back again when he felt better one day.


Simon Stargazer III said...

Well put together blog. I enjoyed all the pictures and comments...


It once a year

Keep the spirit
All year

I think your blog shows your passion for life. This is what I think about passion:


Accentuates all


Success stories


Of category or person,

Now, in the past or the future

Thanks for blogging

Jim Haworth,
aka Simon Stargazer III

PS Cool Grampa!

Joyce said...

Thanks very much Simon!
I absoulty appreciate your comments and your kind writings about "passion!"
IT was so nice of you.