Thursday, December 27, 2007

The "Old German"

My Grandfather.

My cousin Sara sent me this photo she took of our Grandfather at the family "Christmas Gathering" they had this year.

My Aunt wrote me and E-mail like she does to "fill me in" on the various "happenings" in our family. She mentioned how well my Grandfather (her Father) is getting along.....he just had his "second" cataract surgery.

He lives on his own, has outlived TWO wives...having lost the second one a few months ago. My Grandmother passed away nearly 24 years ago.

She also was telling me how independent and stubborn he is.
She called him an "Old German!"
That is so funny.
Because HE IS!

I haven't seen him in person for a few years.....we live so far away from where he is.

The last time I called him.....I said......"You should come South and see us" which he said......"Your the one that moved!"
Hummmm......"Old German."

He's going to be 93 years old on the same day as Gabe's Birthday.

My Grandfather is the "baby" of 5 children that were born of European Immigrants.
Three of his older siblings are STILL alive.
Old Germans indeed.

I think this is a good photo of him actually.

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