Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let the "Christmas movies" begin.......

Today was crazy.
Don became violently ill during the night with some sort of "virus" or something terrible.....poor thing was in bed ALL day long.
I think he will be "out of commission" tomorrow as well.
He's very weak and tired tonight.

Later in the afternoon I had to make a "Gator Aid" run and pick up a few other things and run a couple errands. Do you ever notice how those types of things take literally "Hours".....ugh.
I hate that.

At least I had Miss Priss with me and we had a good time together. She's a big help to me. Drives me batty at times.....but then I drive her batty as well. I told her "let's do what we can now so we don't have to get back out in traffic all week."

Wishful thinking on my part.......but maybe it will work. I doubt it. Because I have to hit the post office one more time.....I do NOT like the post office on a good day let alone at Christmas.
Blah humbug!

AND.....I totally forgot to do one very important thing while I was in one of the stores. Make prints of my kids family photo that will go in the Chrismas Cards that I haven't begun to prepare for mailing yet. UGH! That makes me crazy too.

I had a list I was following and everything while we were out know how it goes.
Oh well.....I will have to get to a photo machine somewhere.

Once we FINALLY got home.....I gave my husband a bit of "Chicken and Rice soup" from the can....nothing lovelier than that sort of thing when you are sick you know.
At least we think so. Especially when you haven't eaten in 24 hours and are a bit dehydrated. HA!

After that.....Miss Priss and I went to her room and watched what is hopefully the "beginning" of our "Old Christmas movies"viewing that we love to do every year. It was HER suggestion too tonight so that's a good thing. HA! HA!
IF I had suggested it.....she wouldn't have wanted to do this you know!

We watched "Holiday Inn" tonight.
It's a great movie...with our FAVORITE old timey singer, dancer, actor.....
Bing Crosby.
Miss Priss and I love Bing.
Fred Astaire is in this one too.....we like him but not as much. HA! trivia here....story goes that Fred Astaire is the cousin of my husband's Grandma Kaufman.

We've heard this forever. I mean ever since I've been in the family. I can't totally validate it but everyone in the family knows it too...I looked on the net and part of what I've been told is legit.
AND Fred looks JUST like Don's Grandma did....same facial features!! No joke!

So we were keeping it "in the family" tonight, and watching a great movie.

Trivia note:
This is the FIRST time that the song "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin was introduced. This movie came out in's a Black and White which we don't mind watching. We get a bit confused some years because we can't remember what songs and parts are in "Holiday Inn" and in "White Christmas."

That song ...."White Christmas" was SUCH a huge hit with the soldiers fighting in W.W.II that they used the song again in the same titled movie called
"White Christmas" in 1954. We will be watching that one SOON!
It's Miss Priss's favorite.

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