Sunday, December 9, 2007

YWAM'ers in Colorado killed

I just got up from having some "quiet time" and came to see what the news was today on my computer like I normally do in the mornings.

I'm shocked to read that now the YWAM Base in Arvada Colorado has been hit by some gunman.

2 YWAM'ers are now dead and 2 injured, and I am asking myself...
"IS this MADNESS going to ever stop now."

I think some type of "floodgate" has been opened and we (those that pray and that can do intercession) had better get it stopped.

The ONLY Way this is going to be done is through prayer.
......take a few moments to pray that these peoples hearts that are intent on doing evil will be halted somehow.

Pray they can find this man who did this horrible deed before he hurts someone else.

If you don't know anything about "YWAM"....

Check them out "Youth With A Mission"..... it's a VERY reputable, missions organization.

I've know MANY people who have either been involved in Leadership or as Missionaries in YWAM.
It's a very good "Missions Sending Agency" and the IHOP (International House of Prayer)in Kansas City, is a YWAM "Intercessory" Base as well.

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