Saturday, December 1, 2007

LSU's "Secret Weapon"......BBQ'ed Chicken Wings

Thank goodness I figured this out yesterday before today's BIG game.

I was thinking about the two times LSU lost and both family didn't cook and eat "Chicken Wings."

For some odd reason....we've made and eaten "Chicken Wings" every game this Fall Football season.

I know it's crazy. But hold with me on this......we were on the Gulf Coast the day that LSU played Kentucky and lost during overtime. We had Reuben's and fries that day by the pool at the hotel we were at that day. No Chicken Wings.

Then we were in Nebraska last Friday when LSU lost to Arkansas. That Sister in law had prepared...home made BBQ pork sandwiches and Minestrone soup.
Where were the wings???

So.....both times no BBQ Chicken Wings for our family and both times.....LSU loses.

You better believe we ran to the store yesterday and bought a big, bad, BAG of "Chicken Wings" and had the "Sweet Baby Ray's" sauce waiting and ready for todays LSU/Tennessee game.
Just for today's game because we were out!!!

And look.......look at the game would you????
Very awesome.
Chicken Wings MUST be LSU's secret weapon I'm thinking!!!

Sugar Bowl here we come.
Well, not us because it will be too expensive and it's in New Orleans and I would RATHER see it on TV thank you! I don't "do" New Orleans if I can help it.
Only on occasion.

But you can bet....we will be getting stocked up on the Chicken Wings NOW!!!!

Oh, and my Aunt just sent me an e-mail from her neck of the woods in Missouri... and my cousin Cindy's "water" broke so they are on their way to her little town to be there with my cousin and her husband for their very FIRST baby!!

They have been married for 9 years and this baby was a totaly "surprise" to them and they are soooo excited.
Everyone is.


At this very moment we are now cheering for the "Missouri Tigers" who are in a "death match" with Oklahoma right now for the Championship of entire football season.

We soooo want Missouri to win! In husband is going crazy, yelling in the other room because now the score is TIED.
Ugh! I don't think I can take anymore "game stress" for today! HA!

This win for Mizzou would be a FIRST for their University so this would be a great thing for them.

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