Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not happening here.........

It could be coming. Maybe this weekend. Well probably not. But at least we aren't getting a hurricane like the poor Dominican Republic. Sad.

It cooled down a bit. When I left the house at 11:10 this morning to head to the B.R. Clinic for my weekly was like 70 degrees out. When I came out of the had dropped like 2 degrees. Weird.

It was ALSO a weird Dr. visit because I had a different nurse than the past two previous times for this injection and this one gave me a shorter needle and told me I've been doing it wrong.

In so many words, that is.
That concerned me a bit but I liked the smaller needle. This nurse was also a bit crabby and mean and I am not into mean. Not when your a Nurse or a Dr. and not when your MY Nurse or Dr. HA!

I want the other nurse.......and the SMALL needle please.
We will see what happens next week.
I don't want to be confused because I have to start doing this shot thing at my own house after next weeks visit.
And this is Chemotherapy I'm injecting into my belly and I sure don't want to MESS that up.
The Nurse told me today that they won't even let "pregnant ladies touch it."
Good to know. I guess.

My "Nurse friend" in my pool group told me last week that they are
"surprised that I am able to inject it into myself because of what it is."

She knew it was Chemo and wondered if I KNEW that too.......which I did.
I told her....I'm surprised I can give it to myself too."
Oh well.

I don't understand it all but I'm trusting my Father that loves me and DOES know it all and knows what is best for me.

So it's beginning to feel a lot like "Christmas" here. For South Louisiana that is.
Weather wise that is.

I'm sooo not in the Christmas "Spirit" though. I'm tired and I think I left all Christmasy feeling stuff back in Iowa for some reason. I had done really good getting things for the little nieces and a few others and wrapping them and such.

Then I get home and BLAH Humbug!!!
But I haven't felt all that great and so I'm blaming it on that. It's hard to be motivated right now. I do what I can when I can though.

I BORROWED a little 3 foot tree from my good friend Diane the other day. We had borrowed it before one time a couple years ago when we didn't want to do a tree because we were going to Iowa for Christmas but my kids wanted something festive "tree wise" she offered her little pre-lit tree.

We always do a real tree and I don't have the strenth to deal with that right now. No energy to decorate it. Nor get it in my truck to bring home. Wrangle it into a stand and all that stuff. No fair to put all that on Don either.

When I was at her house for a lovely party she threw on Tuesday....I asked her.....after seeing her little 3 foot tree up and decorated and cute.."IF she still had the other tree"......she had 2 of she answered that "she did and did I want to BORROW it."
So I said "YESSSS!"
That was great!!

She loaded it in my truck before I left and I got ornaments on it that evening and it looks grand. No joke.

No one here seems to want to decorate.....lest of all me which is NOT like me.
SO that just tells me that I'm not myself because I love to decorate.
It's okay though. We will get through this and through Christmas.

It's sort of been "Grossing" me out anyway. All this big $$$ that is spent and for what???
I would rather buy a village a goat. Just me. I love to buy gifts for people......believe me on this. And I love to bless my family. But I think it's gotten waaaay out of control in this world. Well not in every place in the world but here in America at least.

The other day I was talking to a friend and we saw these "stylish little Clothes for stuffed animals" and I said......"What's American come to when we buy clothes (they are play/toy clothing) for our stuffed toys for our children."
Good gravy and God help us.
People are starving and thirsty in this world and we are dressing our stuffed pets.
It's sort of sickening to me.

Anyhow....I'm not the Grinch. Really I am not.

I think all these random shootings have bothered me too. I am very sad for the people who have been touched by all this stuff.

I can't imagine what the Churches in Colorado have been through this week either. New Life Church has already had a pretty rough year. This last thing is over the top. My husband and family and I have visited that church. We have special memories of our visit too.
It's sad to us what all has taken place there in the past year and then this senseless shooting. God have mercy on them.


We attended one party tonight.....I had one earlier in the week during the day and we have another work related party for tomorrow. I'm pooped.

Got to go to bed. I need to rest and I need to read a bit in the "Holly Springs" book that I just cracked open and got into this week and already am loving.
Night, night!

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