Thursday, December 6, 2007

Omaha Mall Shootings

This event yesterday at the "Westroads Shopping Center in Omaha", makes me so sad.

It's bothered me all night. I've prayed as much as I can. I just can't get over the pain the families that have lost a loved one must be going through. I can't imagine the pain the shooters family must be going through either.

I think it makes you sadder when you know the area and the location and have been to the place where something this horrendous takes place.

I don't know what causes the heart of man to rampage like this...especially hurting and killing innocent people who did nothing to this person.

My own boys and my nephew were just at that same shopping center two weeks ago when we were home for Thanksgiving.

I myself have gone to that shopping center ALL MY LIFE ever since I was little and my folks moved to Iowa.
It's a HUGE, HUGE, mall. It's a fabulous place.Every kind of store you can dream of is there.

The Van Maur store where the shootings took place, was added after I moved to Baton Rouge, but I've been to it many times whenever I would go home and go shopping at that mall.
It was a lovely three story store that is sort of like a Dillards. It has the make up and perfume counters and once there was someone playing on a black baby grand piano when I was there. It's just a nice store.

I didn't go shopping at the Westroads this trip home because I didn't have time.....I went to only a limited few of my other "haunts" that I love to go to when I am home......but this trip I mainly focused on my family this trip and not much else extra curricular wise.

We passed the Westroads and the Van Maur store on our way to my sister in law's house on "Black Friday" the day we had a "Family luncheon" for my husband's family. The place was of course PACKED.

I'm so glad this young man didn't go there that day. It might have been far worse.

Pray for the people of Omaha.
I know they are traumatized that something like this could happen in their city.

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