Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Too much........

The "Girlfriend" and I went to lunch last week.......she headed back for her home on the East Coast yesterday.....much delayed by the major storm that hit that area over the weekend. Anyhow....lunch was good and so was the visit.

I figured she was "traumatized" after that trip to the Midwest, riding up, crammed in a truck for 17 hours straight ( 17 hours up and 17 hours back in one shot for them)with the "cave men." Poor little thing. My husband, Miss Priss, and I broke our drive up by stopping for the night on the way up and back.

I guess she survived alright though. She seemed okay at lunch. She said she had "fun, liked the trip and enjoyed visiting with my family."
That's a good thing.

She's back in the "cold" weather now.
My son is moving there as well, to live with her family in a couple weeks.
Hummmm.....I feel a trip coming on. Miss Priss, and I may have to go and
"check it all out" in the Spring.
It's toooo cold up there right now.

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