Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun times with friends.......

"K and Miss Priss"This weekend we went out of town to attend a party at our good friends house.

They live in St. Francisville and me knowing we would be there late and always wanting to find a "GOOD EXCUSE" for going on a road trip and ESPECIALLY to St. Francisville found a nice reason for staying the night near by.

All my photos didn't turn out so well so I will "improvise" on some of them.

First of all....the reason for us going up there in the first place was due to our friends daughter whom we will call "K" (for Internet reasons)is moving off to Mexico for the next several months to study and sharpen her Spanish language skills. She's going to move in with a Missionary family and work on those things while helping them out. It's a good thing all the way around.

So this was a "going away" party of sorts for her on Saturday night.

Sunday was designated for my family to "sleep late, and to hang out in the town." Basically to just do whatever... relax,(shop)look around at the sites, (and shop) although we know the town nearly by heart, and to (shop) eat at one of the local restaurants. And to shop.
Here's a few photos from the party.
Joanie, who is another goooood friend of my friend Lori and mine....Don and Miss Priss.

Joyce, Lori, Joanie
Why's everyone hiding behind ME? Ugh.....I knew I shouldn't have worn that headband.

The "Husbands" Jimmy, Ray, Don

Me on the left with the Black and White sweater and Joanie on the right in the green "Getting Jiggy with it."


Antique Paperie said...

Whooo Hoo! I love the photo with Joanie "Getting Jiggy With it" cute! And Mrs. Joyce - you just stop it, you are beautiful and I love you girl!! The headband is cute!
St. Francisville - I have never heard of it, but I love the name!!
More Photos, More Photos!!
xoxo hugs my secret gardener!

Valentine Hearts said...

Looks like a good time was had by all x

At Home in Scottsdale said...

I visited your blog because of the name. There is something enchanting about "Secret Garden" so I had to see what Secret Gardener was about. I was not disappointed. Great blog. I just started blogging last Saturday and am having a ball. Would love to have you visit my blog - especially if you like dolls and what big or little girl doesn't.