Saturday, January 12, 2008

A "Jewel" of a Town

Today "DM," (my husband)"Miss Priss," and I are traveling to one of our ALL time MOST favorite little towns here in Louisiana today.

"St. Francisville." The town is located in an area of Louisiana called "The Felicianas." There are two "parishes" (counties) that are up there near each other...North Feliciana and South Feliciana.....hence....."The Feliciana's."
It is somewhat "hilly" and lush we find it just beautiful.

This is an old "river" town, and FULL of Antebellium homes, Plantations, various historic old churches, and buildings, along with several Civil War sites.Not to mention some wonderfully fun, and most FAVORITE of "shops" that we like to shop at and wander around in.

One store you possibly have heard of due to its nationally known fame. This store has been featured in many magazines...even recently in the new "Victoria Magazine" January/Feburaruy issue. Amongst a host of other publications that have featured this store.

It's called "Grandmothers Buttons" and I always LOVE to stop in there.

We have an event we need to go to there tonight with some friends, and so I decided that we needed to make a "road trip" out of this time away and booked us a room in town there tonight. I tried to get us into a local B&B but many of them were already full for the weekend early last week when I called, and we needed 2 beds didn't work out. There is hotel in the area so I was able to secure a room there before it too filled up. We've stayed in the B&B's and this perticular hotel and I would have rather CHOOSEN to have stayed at one of the local B&B's because they are fabulous and old.

But I am just GLAD for the oppertunity to "get away" for the weekend.

I will be back in a few days with some "updates!" Don't forget to watch "Masterpiece Theatre" on PBS Sunday night! Check out the earlier posting about that.
Cheers for now!


Sherry said...

What a beautiful spot!! Hope you have a wonderful time and take many photographs!

Antique Paperie said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous my dear! The photos along with the story/history was such a great visit for me - I love coming to your blog, and staying awhile!!
much love xoxo Sherri