Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gabe's trip to Boston

Last weekend...Gabe and his new "British family" and their visiting friends from England, went to Boston.
I suppose they may still be "dealing" with that "Tea Party" thing....hummmm. Maybe not. HA!

Anyhow....myself...having never been to Boston and having recieved no descriptions of WHAT these photos are of...I can't tell you what sites they are of actually.

So if you've been to Boston and can let me know. I will phone Gabe today and ask what are the buildings and such in the backgrounds. Ugh! Kids.

I may "make up my own captions" so bear with me. HA! This may be fun. Errr....or maybe not.


Hummm.......there's a LOT of shots of this church so I take it that it's...."Important???"
I'm GUESSING......"The Old North Church" the one associated that Paul Revere and his "Midnight Ride" and all that???? clue.

Georgie, about to get her head eaten off by Gabe.

Boston Harbor I'm supposing.

That's all for now.


Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce,

Thank you kindly for having a look at my little blog and the warm welcome. Your pictures are beautiful, one day I hope to visit across the seas to see it in person.

Joyce said...

Your VERY welcome....I love your blog name too.
Well....hopefully we are coming your way in the Fall. Planning on it at this point!! :~)
Come visit us here anytime in the South...we will serve you some Cajun cooking. It's yummy.
Be blessed!