Friday, January 4, 2008

Thank You Mary!

I learned of "Miss Mary" (everyone is a "Miss" in the South or a "Ma'am or a Sir") at "Isabella's Closet" several months back after hearing her "praises being sung" because of her various "Banner talents".

I have now come to know her as well many of you have and I've learned what a very kind and sweet lady she is.

She's been in a bit of a "health battle" the past few weeks and I feel badly for her as one who truly knows how those things work as well......blah!

Please send a little prayer her way if will you.

Despite her illness and distress......she still made me my very COOL "new banner" and sent it to me just last night...after "polishing off" some last minute "touch ups" on it for
"The Secret Gardener" and I soooooo......LOVE it!!!
Don't you too?? For anyone that KNOWS is SO "me"! HA!

In fact....that could be "me" standing in the doorway of that cottage......sigh.

Now...I am very not savvy on doing all these types of I am glad that someone is! I mean I do what I can but she doesn't it FAR better and besides....
I like her work. :~)

PLEASE consider contacting her if you need a little "help" yourselves with your blog banners.

It is fun to change things out once in awhile and it is so NEAT to have someone be able to use their "giftings and talents" that they have been given to help me and so many others accomplish the things we want and need to do.

I like it when people "network" for good.
That's what I am all about.

That way....we can all get a lot of important and much needed things done all over this WORLD!

Tis true...."Two ARE better than one" you know!

"Kudos" to you Mary on another great job!
I appreciate you and am praying you will feel better soon!!

Y'all check out her blog site will you?
It's always nice to meet new people.....expand your world today.
Isabella's Closet


Steph said...

Hi, Joyce! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I will be visiting yours - I've bookmarked it!

Valentine Hearts said...

Love the new banner!

SweetAnnee said...

Mary is such a dear!!
I love her work too
!! so much so
I have more than one banner
she made AND
I am having a banner
giveaway for Valentine's
custom made by MARY!!!