Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey Everyone Please pray for Deena........

Check out her "story" at "Can I Be Pretty In Pink."

This is Deena as she's "Bounding the stairs ready to take on the world."

She's on an incredible journey right now.

I so admire her spirit and her courage.
She's never damper at heart, even though she's been through quite a lot the past few months and has even received startling news even as recent as yesterday.

You see Deena went to begin her very first "Chemo" was to have been a long "5 Hour" process however, they weren't able to give her the treatment because they found she has an "infection" somewhere and they have to administer antibiotics to her first now before she can start the chemo treatments.

They also gave her some more reports on her current physical condition while she was at the treatment center and.....
I will let her speak for herself at this point. on:

"I couldn't play my white blood count is too high
somewhere there is an antibiotics
this week and back Next Friday..2/1 at 8:15 AM for
blood work and try it again.

The cancer is in stage more lymph's thru my body
my adrenal glands, another 1 cm node to the left of my aorta,
in my 9th rib..rib is breaking my spine and
numerous areas of my skeleton (bones).

Well I just lost it!! Rich looks sad and scared..but
as I read before..and my BFF Marcia reminded me

EVERY CANCER IN EVERY STAGE has been survived..and
I intend to fight the fight..
God's will be done.."

I am determinded to continue to stand on behalf of not only Deena but also for the countless others that are in need of urgent prayer.

I'm asking you to add her name to your prayer list please.

I know alot of you read this site although you may not comment on it because some of you don't have accounts and such. Many of you write me personally via e-mail but never comment on this page so I know your reading and I thank you for that and all your impute.

The web can do amazing things if we allow it to and I have learned it is a
"quick link" to many people all over the world.

It's a great tool for information and encouragement, prayer and whatever else we need or want "IF" we allow it to be.

That's what I want this "Secret Garden" to do for you and for others and for me. To be a safe place of refuge, a place of care and concern.

Yet, we can join forces for the common good of people.

I'm just here to help "Cultivate" the soil.
I rely on the "Master Gardener" for all the rest.....
especially the "BIG STUFF"....I've learned in life that "you can trust Him."
He's a pro.


Susie Harris said...

Thanks for adding me to your list of Blogs. I feel sooo important.(smile). How is Deena? I know she must be a little down because of the set back. I asked my husband to add her to his prayer list. He is such devoted prayer warrior. My Dad is doing great. He may come home on Tuesday. Yeah!! Im home tonight blogging my little heart out! Marc and the kids went to the LSU basketball game. They are playing Ark. tonight. He is from Ark. and so my kids never know who to root for. I play it safe and stay home. Take care, Susie

Shari said...

Thanks for telling us about your friend Deena. I read the latest post on her blog, too. She is one loved lady...74 comments on her Friday post. I did pray for her, and I will continue to.

IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, Thanks so very much for adding this lovely post about Deena. Shes in my thoughts and prayers all the time. With ours prayers I feel she may be able to beat this awful cancer...Shes truly a beautiful Gal just like you are!
Hope you are doing better..
I'm Ok.
Hugs & love ~Mary~