Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday....sunny and warm.

I love that saying.

We pray and comitt our situations and others onto God and then we and everyone must "press onward." We don't give up.It makes so much sense to me. Especially since I do it myself every day as well.

Today was such a very nice day here.

I was glad of it too. My body does SO much better with sunshine, I mean it's so amazing how this "weather factor" works into my life.

My friend Nora is going to meet with her Oncologist tomorrow morning at 9:00am.Please pray for her for help. She needs strength and wisdom to deal with what will be laid before her and to choose whatever options they may present to her.

I went with her today so she could go purchase "Valentine's Day" cards and candy for her daughter's and Grandchildren. She said she "may not want to go after tomorrow" so I said...."let's go do it RIGHT NOW!"
So we did.

That worked out. We went to a few stores and were able to get most of what she needed.

It was a "GOOD start" as she called it. HA! She still needs a few more things for the Grandchildren. We will get it though, I promised her. Even if I have to go get it for her.

Tonight I am looking forward to watching "Mansfield Park" on PBS.......the series has been VERY GOOD thus far on Masterpiece Theatre, therefore I am expecting tonight's show to be just as wonderful.

My husband and middle son were able to hang the cabinets in the laundry room and put down the new baseboard. I will post some photos of this later.

I also made a gumbo today and had to leave it to run out with Nora. I just finished it up and we are about it eat it I will bid you "Goodnight" for now.


Sharon said...

I just found your blog and will pray for your friend Denna. My dear Husband has been battling a form of cancer for 12 years and is still going strong. Prayers can overcome anything.

Antique Paperie said...

Oh how I needed to read your post today my friend. I am so glad I stopped by - Thank you for the reminder that God IS Good -
I am Praying tonight for Nora :)
Mansfield Park - such a good story! LOVE that one - Have a great evening!!
Hugs xoxo Sherri