Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About me and "Writing"....and photos of my Middle son.

I did some calculating and counting on my fingers....and figured out last night that we have "family members" in "EIGHT states" and "friends" in just as many.

This isn't counting the friends we have and stay in touch with "World Wide" this is one MAIN reason "why I blog."

The second reason is well, because I have a love for "Writing" and I've always done that as well all my life.

As a child even, I always wrote my Grandparents in Missouri once my Mother and Stepfather moved to Iowa. I wanted them to know I loved them and was thinking of them. I didn't want to loose touch with them.

Later after my Grandparent's died (my Father's parents)and we were going through things in their home....we found a this amazing drawer AND a box FULL of letters....and they were allfrom me.

Stashed away since I was EIGHT years old only for me to "find" years later. I had never known she'd even done it.

My Grandmother had KEPT THEM ALL. She was so unwasteful and kept alot of things so.....that shouldn't have surprised me but that was such a interesting "find" to all of us. And so sweet of her.

Blogging is actually a "Godsend" in many ways for a person like me because I am able to use this form of communication to fulfill both my gifts.

This is one of the best ways I have found to stay "connected" to those we love and miss and want to stay in touch with.

And it's fast.

I mean you can get immediate attention to your cause or in when people are in need of prayer and such. Or you need to raise "awareness" to an issue.

I love that part.

Now, I don't just write on my blog nor via e-mail. I am a FIRM believer in the "Handwritten" letter and notes, and such.

I myself STILL write many letters and cards that way. I think it's becoming a lost and dying "Art" form unto itself now days.....But I don't mind using modern ways to stay in touch as well, especially for long distance and saving of time AND if someone won't do the other but WILL send an
e-mail or will call me. I'm all for it.

Besides....most any and all means of "staying in touch" is good. Especially compared to where "communication" has come from compared to now..say....
"The Pony Express Days."ugh....can you imagine it taking so long for a letter to reach you or a loved one?

Please consider not giving up on sending "personal" handwritten notes and letters if you can.
I think it's speical to the person who sends it as well as the person who recieves it.

I always love to hear back from everyone as in any form.

However, some people are not "Communicators" or "Writers" and I never get bothered by that because I TOTALLY understand people's....."giftings and talents" and's not in their "gift mix."
So who can get upset about that? Surely not I.
Got to run for now.....

Please...."Stay in touch you all...if you can!" :-)

Here are some recent photos of Caleb......and his new friend.
Caleb and Phoebe at her "Winter Formal." Last weekend.


Karla said...

Great post! I've always been a writer myself... wrote bushels of letters as a child and young person. My mother always save all her letters, so I asked her the other day if I could have the letters I wrote home from college 20 years ago. I know she has them somewhere! She's going to dig them out for me. That will be fun to re-read.

Susie Harris said...

Hi Joyce. before I forget ... I didnt get your email. Where should I be looking for it(dumb question)? About a copyright on my work.. Do I need one ? Good lookin' Son you have there. I wish mine would let me take pictures of him.Oh well, maybe when he gets a girlfriend. I have been busy working on my stuff so I can get it out there for yall to see. Im so slow and have so much spinning in my head. I will be taking my Dad back to New Orleans to get his staples out Thursday morning. So Im trying to push onward to get things done today. Prayers for you Pastor and his family.. Take care my dear freind. Ps... My Grandparents have all of my letters too! I have them in a box and look at them from time to time. Smiles, Susie

IsabellaCloset said...

Hello! I'm having a Valentine banner give-a-way. Please stop by blog & leave a comment if you would like to enter.. Thanks :-}~Mary~IsabellasCloset

Sara said...

I love handwritten letters! I agree people are getting away from those more and more, I'm just as guilty about it. Maybe I will write one this weekend! And all of your kids are so cute!

Susie Harris said...

Thanks Joyce. I have it now. Mine is Its gonna be cold here in the morning. Im so ready for spring. Im itching to put my Easter stuff out. Crazy huh. I just need a little spring in this house. It looks so plain now that the Christmas stuff is back in the attic.xoxo, Susie

Shari said...

The lady in the picture gets so fancied up to write. I wear my moose pajama pants and a fleece pullover. Communication through the Internet has been a blessing for me. My parents live 3000 miles away and we don't talk everyday. But, I think they read my blog everyday.

Pear tree cottage! said...

I have re-discovered your blog page and am so thrilled to be here again. I love to write letters the " old fashioned way" and always send cards of thanks for anything that is special or done for me.

I also keep all my grandchildrens letters to us and have them in a big box.......I will be watching from above when that one gets openned I am sure :)

I must come back to visit and read all your other posts very soon.

Lee-ann In Australia

Alice said...

Your letters must have meant so much to your grandmother. I can understand her saving each one as something very special.

Thank you for your comment in my blog. It meant a lot to me and really did open my eyes. I do need to expand my vision a bit to include people with certain food restrictions.

Your blog is beautiful and I'll be back often!

SweetAnnee said...

wonderful post..Do you still have those letters
you wrote to your grandparents?

How much love did that show you..tis awesome.

Caleb and Phoebe are lovely!!

Rich Mullins will be playing here today..pampering
myself today.
fondly, deena

Angie(quillysilly) said...

What cute pair they are! You must be so proud!!!

I wish that I were more of a letter writer, but I always feel like my handwriting is lacking... Maybe I should take a calligraphy class??? How neat that they saved all of your letters. Maybe you could bind them into a book?

Also wanted to say that gumbo looks YUMMMMMEEE! Toodles...Angie

Steph said...

Lovely images and photos! I am also a fan of letter-writing and am always delighted to meet a kindred spirit! Letter-writing is such a gift - to the writer and reader.

KJ said...

Hi Joyce!

You might want to pay me a visit...

Best Blessings,