Thursday, February 7, 2008

"13 Things I Have Done That Are Pretty Awesome" ....ugh....I am SO FAR behind!

Today has been a very BUSY day.

Before leaving to meet some friends for lunch I checked my "Garden" and saw that Shari at "Onward Christian Woman" had tagged me to tell "13 Things I Have Done That Are Pretty Awesome".....and I immediatly started thinking...."what HAVE I done that is so awesome???"

This is a good reality check really....and I am so far behind. I wanted to get so much MORE accomplished by this point in I need to get on it....but I seem to be a bit "stuck" in this "season" that I haven't any control over.... anyway I must press on and make the best of it until the "season" changes.

Well..if you haven't gotten to know me you will REALLY get to know me I suppose.

I HOPE no one is tooooo freaked out. HA!Hang on here we goooo.....

#1. I've been married to my High School Sweetheart for....sigh...
this October.
Hey....we got married when we were like 10 years old.
Well, we had just graduated actually. Figure that one out. :~)

#2. Have given birth to FOUR wonderful kids....."all natural childbirth I might add."Breath with me.
My third child was delivered in the hallway of the hospital.
I think I might have gotten there a little bit ...late.

#3. Went to Brussels for one day. So not long enough. I plan on doing that one again one day.

#4. Have lived in several towns all over the United States....and will move again

#5. Have "Managed" a store.

#6. Hosted a Teenager from Northern Ireland for an entire month one July through the "Ulster Project." I am still in contact with his Mother and we send Christmas gifts to each other every year.

#7. Took my two older boys to El Salvador and interior Mexico to do some Missions work.

#8. Have planted several wonderful gardens and flower beds through the years....

#9. Organized and led a team of 18 to go on trip into Northern Ireland to do some "Reconcilliation" work for 10 days.

#10. Hiked to the top of a volcano in Central America and hiked to the top of a Mountain in Donegal.
I nearly died doing that last one because I had gotten very sick with bronchitis. But I just HAD to get to the top of that thing and view it. I nearly gave up halfway there because I could hardly breath. Someone else who was ill too gave me their prescribed "codene" cough medicine because I was coughing so badly. Once I got up there I sat down and I swigged it right from the prescription bottle....just like I was in Ireland or something.
At that point, I didn't care because I was trying to figure out "how I was going to make it back down that thing."

#11. Went to a "KISS" Concert when I was a teenager. Is that crazy or what??
Thanks a lot "Miss Priss" for reminding me.
I don't think that is going to rank real high up there.

#12. Rescued a drowning little boy at Lake Wakonda State Park when I was probably
14-15 while swimning with my sister Jenny.
It was very traumatic.
We were pretty far out when we got to him and he nearly drowned us in the process of us getting him to the shoreline. We took him to his parents. We never did know who he was.
I'm SO glad my Uncle Bill taught me and Jenny both how to swim.

#13. Have take numerous trips into Central America with my husband to help build buildings, and do other relief work.

I think that "KISS concert" thing canceled itself I need to do one more.

#14. Lived through FOUR major hurricanes in this state, one which hit the town we were living in at that time pretty hard, even destroying our church.

I guess one of the greatest things that has been awesome in my life is that......

"I have loved many people deeply and have been given love back by many."

That one is huge.
Okay well......I'm pretty GREEN at this type of thing.

So I think I am supposed to "tag" someone else now......????
I've never done this before. HA! Can you tell?

I will now officially "TAG"......
Suzie, Stephanie, my cousin Sara, and Ms. "Valentine Hearts" in the U.K.

I must go now because "I'm late, I'm late!"


Shari said...

I love the humor that you bring to your writing. You have done some really awesome things. It's so neat that you and 2 of your kids went on a mission trip together. What a great example to them of doing ministry work. I did my first 2 births naturally, then I wised up and tried an epidural - ahhhhh. You sound like such an interesting person. Thanks for participating. It was my first time doing this kind of thing, too.

Joyce said...

Hey Shari,
My only regrets are that I haven't taken my other two kids on missions trips. Hopefully we will get them out sometime before they get off on their own.
Right, well I couldn't imagine someone "sticking a needle in my back" and "charging me to do that." Ugh......
HA! Besides I'm from Iowa and we have our babies in the corn fields then go back to working the corn. HA!

SweetAnnee said...

YOU rock!!
you've done BIG things
and WELL!!!

love ya

Susie Harris said...

Wow Joyce, you ARE AWESOME! Not sure if I can measure up. Thanks for tagging me. I will try and list some things. I have a sick one home today so not sure how much computer time I will have. Hope your son feels better. This mess is just going around and really can knock you off your feet. Have a good one!

Steph said...

Hey -thank you for the TAG! I will get to work on this! :-)

Charlotte said...

I would say that's 13 amazing things (maybe with the exception of the KISS concert, ha)I spent part of a day in Brugge and passed through Brussels. I would love to go back and spend days. The pocket watch reminded me of my Dad. When I was a teenager I got aggrivated at him for only wanting a pocket watch. He had never had a wrist watch. So when I went to work I bought him a nice wrist watch the first Christmas. He always wore wrist watches after that. He has passed away now and my son has his old pocket watch. Now I feel ashamed for belittling it. We live and learn.
Hugs and Blessing to you.