Friday, February 8, 2008

We need a "DELUGE"

I need to ask you to pray and I mean we need a "Deluge" of prayers for the many various situations that are happening all over the place right now.

This is what kept coming to my heart this morning so I looked it up......and it means this.

1 a: an overflowing of the land by water b: a drenching rain.

2: an overwhelming amount or number

I KNEW that was the correct word when I found it so hang on a minute with me while I quickly explain.

Many requests for prayer for illness have come up in the past few weeks. So much so that I am amazed at what is trying to happen.

The other day we were contacted to pray for this young lady in our area.
Her name is Amy Stockstill. She's been very sick with Hodgkins Lymphomia but it's become a very serious situation at this point.

Her husband and her are the Youth Pastors's at "Bethany World Prayer Center" a local and well known and respected church here in town. The Pastor is Larry Stockstill.

His Daughter in Law Amy needs prayer NOW.
I will send this link to her husband "Joel's" blogsite to you and ask you to read it and to pray. It is serious. She is young, and this little couple haven't been married long.This is a photo taken by someone there.......1500 young teenagers showed up OUTSIDE the hospital where Amy is at to pray in the parking lot for her.

That is amazing.
This is just what she needs.

My sister called me last night to ask me to pray for her Sister in Law who is having "biopsy's" done on her other breast today. She's alreayd been through Breast Cancer and had all her lymph glands removed and other such things on the other side of her body. She's younger than me and has two young kids.
We had just seen her at Thanksgiving in Nebraska and she is such a sweet and dear person.

I was so sad to hear this last night. Her name is Dawn.

Our Caleb is home very sick with near bronchitis and a terrible ear infection and near pneumonia. He needs prayer as well.

Deena, was to have started Chemo today as well in the Midwest and I have been praying today that it STARTS up finally and she will handle it all well.

Please consider all these things and I will be back on here later. I have two things I have to appear at today so I must run even now.
I just had to get this on here first.

Thank you!!!!!


Susie Harris said...

Joyce, That just breaks my heart to hear about Amy. She is so young. I went to church with her parents years ago. They are very good people.Thanks for passing this on...Susie

SweetAnnee said...

I'll pray for each one!!
I know God is listening!!
He heard the prayers for
me today.


Charlotte said...

My mother use to say, "When it rains, it pours." Sounds like this is the situation. I will pray for these precious people.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

THank you for visiting me and signing up for my giveaway!
So many prayers needed and life can be difficult. I have visited Deena many times and will send prayers for her again.

Shari said...

You asked for prayer - and I prayed.

When I saw that picture of 1,500 students praying outside the hospital, I couldn't help but cry. What a wonderful witness for Jesus.