Monday, February 11, 2008

Off for the day.....again.

I'm off to lunch today and to do a bit of shopping with two friends.

It seems as if I haven't had a few full days home in AGES......but it's okay.

It is always good to see friends.

Speaking of friend Susan has found out she is "FREE" of Cancer. She is going to have to take preventive "Chemo" treatments for the problems they found initally but otherwise....she's good.

Her and her husband have traveled all over the world. Like she said the other day......"they have a list"....last year they did 8 weeks to New Zealand and Australia. Soon after returning home they learned her husband had Prostrate Cancer.....he went through that regiment and is now all clear.

As soon as Susan is finished with her treatments.....they are planning to go to Ireland and Scotland.
I am ALL about that! I'm very excited for them.
They are "mapping" out their trip already.


Alice said...

What great news for your friend. And for her husband as well. I hope they have many more world trips in their future!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Do come again!

I have so enjoyed visiting your blog. It is very pretty and I look forward to reading over your earlier posts.

I am glad your friend is doing well. Did she like Australia and New Zealand?

all the best,