Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fruit anyone?

Thursday after my Dr's appointment I stopped off at the "Fruit Stand."
It's a "Fruit and Vegatable" market but we all always call it the "Fruit Stand." I guess it's just easier that way.

I LOVE the fact that we have "Fruit and Vegatbles" fresh here all season and can go to the "open air" market to purchase them even in the dead of winter.

I always buy way too much it seems like because I don't get there really often so I get all I can while I can. So my truck was LOADED with stuff.

On the husband "makes fresh juice" for me and which ever child may be home.

We bought a "juicer" last Summer and it has been so WORTH IT!
It is "amazing" to have fresh squeezed juice in your own home.

Right now....we are REALLY "into " Carrot and Apple juice....yummmmm.

I already can't wait for tomorrow.

I drank my "Carrot Apple juice" on our back patio today and it was lovely. The juice, and the sun hitting me as I sat there at the table.

Do you juice?
It's a good thing....check into a juicer if you don't have one yet.
If you do have one....get to it. It is a bit of a hassle.....but so benifical to your body.

Plus......if you have a "compost bin" like we will love you for all the leftovers. We stick all the leftover pulp and skins and what have you in there so it's a two fold gift really.


Valentine Hearts said...

We have a cute little compost bin at the bottom of our garden. Everything we can recycle goes in our bags and the peelings etc go in the compost bin. The kids get really involved, so important I think to educate them while they are still young!

Jackie x

SweetAnnee said...

YUM..I juice and compost..
and hope the raccoons and possums
don't get too crazy!!

but this time of year here there are no
open air markets..
soon to come though

smiles, Deena

Shari said...

Glad that you got to sit outside on your patio, in the sun, sipping your juice. We're having a snow storm here; I'm drinking hot cocoa.

Steph said...

Lovely photos! I'm so glad you compost! I think "making dirt" is a spiritual practice!