Friday, March 14, 2008

And The "Race" is on........

I'm up early and I have my eye on the race....I'm "stretching out" this morning and preparing to "jump" hurdles that are already coming up in my lane I'm running in. Not so much in a "physical sense" but in a spiritual sense and in just my every day life sense.

We are in the "home stretch" now of finishing the main bathroom project

By tonight the new paint color will go on the walls.
The new tub and shower is in place and ready to go....out with the "1970's GREEN tub." Although my husband tells me they are "coming back." Crazy.

We have the big "St. Patrick's Day" party planned for Sunday afternoon "1:30'ish...."We are looking forward to this and it's always fun to do for our friends. I will have photos later.

I have to get to the Fruit Stand and pick out FRESH......"potatoes, cabbage and onions" for this event this morning.

~One thing I wanted to let you all know today is my good friend "Iwona" has just started a blog and it's pretty neat. She's from Poland. So she does it in English and Polish. Her and her husband and children live in Kansas City.~
I think you might like to check out her site.

My day reminds me of this one thought.

"Like it or not.....we are in a race." It's a "LIFE RACE and there IS a finish line in site for ALL of us.
DON'T LOOK BACK and DON'T GIVE UP....not even if you fall down.
Get back up and get back to running. Even if you are bruised and scratched get up and finish the RACE no matter what. Even if you can't run and all you can do is walk. It's okay.

My oldest son was a hurdler.....he was very fast and he went to the "STATE" Track Meets for our state two years in a row.

He performed well against many odds.

My husband who was a track runner himself "back in the day" used to RUN ALONGSIDE THE FENCE bordering the track at many of his meets (much to the rest of our family's horror and embarrasement HA!) and he would yell for Gabe.
He would say things like "RUN SON and GO GABER!!!!
Really, all he was doing was "encouraging him to keep in the race."
(Gabe in the snow on his birthday a couple weeks ago.)
I am no "expert" but I know a little bit about how this works....
No matter what.....just finish the race.
You will come out a winner, even if you don't place. It's not about who comes in first.

Rather it's all about "finishing" the RACE.


Susie Harris said...

Hope your party is GRAND! I want to see pictures of that new bathroom. Its sounds wonderful. I know you cant wait. What color did you go with? Susie

Joyce said...

It will be NICE when it's done it's just all the headache of getting it there! I of course and EXCITED to decorate it. I'm going with a golden tan sounds like an oxymoran but it's hard to describe right now because I don't have the color chart in front of me because Don has it. It's a newer color. The wood work will be white and the vanity is white with antique glazing over it..the top is a granite tan/cream mix..... I have a REALLY nice mirror to hang over the new vanity. So we will see what else I come up with. I'm not worrying about all the accessories until this weekend is OVER.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your bathroom when it's finished. The colours you have chosen sound lovely.