Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is me........

I feel just like this lady looks and I probably look like her too at this point.....somewhat that is!
I can still keep my head up and type so far.

But I am fading fast.This week has been so busy! I've had things to do every day. Tomorrow I am going to lunch with two friends...we are meeting at Olive Garden. So who can complain?
I certainly can't

Some people can't even get out of pray for her.
I just read that she's been "under" it a bit. That is probably somewhat attributed to her recent chemo treatment. It wacks you like a baseball bat a few days later it seems. I have another friend that's experiencing the same thing.

I just finished writing out my "Easter cards" and addressing the envelopes and making up a special Easter package for my two little nieces in Iowa to be mailed off tomorrow. I HAD to get this done tonight or they won't get to where I need them all to get to in time.
It's 12:15am
.....that is why I look like the lady above. Plus I didn't sleep well last night. So......I must get off to bed.

Oh...and here's a very QUICK update on Pastor Steve. He's STILL in the hospital. He's now had a TOTAL of FIVE surgeries.

It's been a battle for him. He had gotten an infection in his incision. Which has added more drama to what he's already been through.
The GOOD NEWS is...that he may be able to go home finally in a few days.....this is after nearly THREE weeks in the hospital. Pray if you will that he can make it home this week if all goes well.
I think that part alone will be like GOOD medicine to him.

"Cheers" for now.


Charlotte said...

So sorry about Pastor Steve. It's amazing what we have to go through sometimes. I am praying for him. I love the picture you posted, but sorry you feel like that. Hopefully today will be brighter. I tagged you to do a meme - a six word memoir. After I read your blog today, I thought "You probably don't need this to think about too." Anyway, it's already done. You can read the instructions, etc. on my post today. You can play along if you want to.

Julie said...

When I first saw the picture I thought, "Oh, no, she's so sad!" Then I found out you were "just" tired.

Get yourself some rest, girl!

Hugs, Julie

Shari said...

Oh my goodness. I feel so bad for Pastor Steve. 5 surgeries is just unthinkable.

My latest blog post is about Evangelism ideas for Easter. I'm telling everyone about it, because I think that Easter and Christmas are awesome times of the year to spread the word about Jesus.