Sunday, March 9, 2008

French Flower Cart

The "French Flower Cart" sits just outside of our back door.
I purchased it a couple years back and have SO enjoyed having it.
I usually put a big ceramic pot of silk flowers in it changing them out depending on the season.
The other afternoon I bought all these bedding plants to stick in some of my containers that didn't make it through the winter and to also refresh a few of our other planters.
I planted what I needed to in my main flower bed out front and then I had to put the rest of the flowers somewhere because it was getting dark and cold. So I put them into my flower cart just for the night.
A cold front came through as much of you know, which buried the upper half of the States in Snow....and left us with near freezing temps. I was very concerned about my plants.
Yet they seemed to have "weathered well."

I've been debating over leaving them in the cart for the party we are having this weekend or putting my ceramic planter with the Red Geraniums and White Hydrangia's in it that I usually put in there this time of year.

Thought some of you might want to see a bit of "Spring time" especially those of you in the "frozen North."

Having "hailed" from the Midwest......I remember just how LONG those winters are.


Alice said...

Such a beautiful welcome to your front door. It will be a couple months yet until I set out tender flowers so thank you for sharing yours.

Susie Harris said...

Oh how pretty! I had a great weekend. Now Im busy again getting ready for this weekend. I will be at Southdown Plantation.Hope your party goes well. Take care, Susie

southern queen bee said...

Wow your plants look GREAT on your cart..I think they would look really pretty on the cart for the party... Just an could make a little "WELCOME" sign or one with the type of party on a stake and place in one of the pots. BEE HAPPY , MISSY

KJ said...

Hello! Just checking in to see what's new! I really like the charm of your French Flower Cart! Spring is definitely springing forth—even with warm weather here in CA.

Something is coming your way this week. Stay tuned...

Blessings, KJ

lila said...

The flower cart looks wonderful with all those soft colors! I think they actually like the cooler long as it doesn't freeze!

Denise said...

Greetings.. and thanks for stopping by... I must put you on my blog list...I love your blog but I forget!!! and it has NOTHING to do with age!!! ahahhahha I am better and sooooooooooooo looking forward to spring... I love playing in the dirt and it is dirt time........... Now with this back problem I am going to have to change my ways but I pray I am still able to get out there... I have an old green wrought iron cart that I am going to paint white... and I have a beautiful wicker chair that it sits beside that I am going to do in white also... sit them on my patio!!!! Come on Spring

Steph said...

Lovely, lovely!