Saturday, March 29, 2008

How SWEET is this....?

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
Proverbs 16:24 NIV

When I was looking for this verse I wanted to find the various "translations" of it..because most translations use the word "Kind" also for the word "Pleasant" so I just wanted to see any other forms of the wording.

But for some odd reason, when I found the NIV (New International Version) that I wanted to use, it said....."U.K." after it. Hummmmm.....Interesting.

Then I wanted to read it in another form and the translator was "stuck."
So we are sticking with the "U.K." version of the NIV....which my TINY mind and way of thinking....."Right, that you MUST read that verse and hear it in a BRITISH ACCENT!"
Yes, I've gone mad.

This morning I found that "Kate" at "Our Red House" who is WAAAAAAAAY over on the other of the world in Melbourne, gave me this cool award today.

It's the ever famous and fabulous......."You CHEER me up award." I love that.
I desire to "cheer people up" that's what I do. So it's fitting actually.
I must admit.....I've never posted awards when people have given them to me......because I don't want to become vain or"Hey look at all my blog awards and how wonderful I am" not that anyone does that. I just am funny that way......I'd rather just stay "behind the scenes."

However.....I couldn't RESIST posting it today when I saw that it was "LUCY and ETHEL" in that hilarious scene in the candy factory when they keep eating them and shoving them in their hats and their clothes because the production speed up and they can't keep up with it.

I am so Lucy at times.....and so Ethel at times I will put it up on here today AND....pass it onto a few more well deserving people along the way.

Thanks for the "Kind" and "Pleasant" words today Kate....oh by the way I said that with an AMERICAN accent...just incase you wondered. And it's sort of "Southern...." but not really bad because I'm originally from the North. This gets very confusing doesn't it?

All ya'll......check out Kate's site....she has the COOLEST garden...and every "Pumpkin recipe" on the planet by now.... I was getting very stressed out at some point about all those pumpkins she had and what in the WORLD she was going to do with them all. HA!

Sadly....Australia's been in a drought, and the heat has been very extreme. Can anyone tell me do they have air conditioning there?? I've wondered, I don't think they do though.

I have been very burdened for them over there and spoke to my husband about this one night as well because we have dear friends near there on another island that is suffereing too. We prayed for them all to receive rain and......have to tell you....

Kate says...."it's raining."

Now...I don't think it was because of our prayers...I think it was because of the prayers of many.

I'm sending this fun award onto.....

~~~My new friend Susie who is so SWEET....and who has "Kind and Pleasant words" tucked into her blog.

~~~My "Cousin Sara" in Missouri at "Under The Seas".....who makes me laugh when I read her blog.

~~~My sweet blog friend "Valentine Hearts" in the U.K....who can actually say that verse correctly...accent and all. She has been very sweet and she showed photos of a "dreary and rainy Garden" last hopefully this "award" will bring her some sunshine over there!

~~~And lastly but not leastly...(is that a word?)to my good friend "Iwona" who is originally from Poland (and is very smart and witty and knows alot of cool things I might add) who now lives in Kansas City with her CRAZY "American Husband" and three children that we love dearly.....who all make me laugh too.

Iwona wrote a crazy posting about ME the other day and talked about "Tea FREAKS" ha!!! Iwka I am sure you won't know what to do with this award either...because I hardly do either, so don't sweat it. I will help you my make me smile.

You FOUR award winners need to give some blog love out to others that you know as well. I would give more awards out but I am in a "time crunch" and have to get off this computer and get somewhere.

I DO challenge everyone who reads this go out and spread
"Kind and Pleasant words" whatever language and accent you might speak.

IF you know someone who needs this award......take it and give it away.
Have a GREAT weekend....where ever in the world you are.


iwka said...

This award is, as I understand, for people who cheer you up. I hardly do that, I don't intend to either. I rather make people mad, than cheer them up... :-)

Thanks for the reward, anyway. ;-)

Susie Harris said...

Oh joyce. Thanks you so much . You are too sweet. Your blog does cheer me up. :) I look forward to it everyday! I have never been given an award before in blogland. Coming from you it means a great deal. Thank you, Smiles... Susie

Joyce said...

You are a funny one. Ever since you first came here and I met you for the first've always have been one to "set the world on fire...and some people as well." HA! Your welcome anyhow...because you CHEER me up by being who you are. :~)

Oh....and thanks for that "History Lesson" on your other blogsite...very interesting. I do not know much of ANYTHING about Polish history. Weird...I guess....maybe because I am not Polish?? I mean we study what we know sometimes.
Ask me about British or Irish History....that I know a bit about. And of course..American History.

I do listen to Chopin though....I didn't know he was Polish. :~)

Don't forget that Gabe has been to your homeland and to your that scored us some huge brownie points with you remember? Hey that is working for him in Conn too...ton's of Poles there he told me on the phone the other day. HA! HA!

Charlotte said...

Love the bees and honeycomb picture.

Shari said...

Congratulations on the You Cheer Me Up award. I just watched that episode of Lucy a few weeks ago, because I wanted to laugh. If there was an award for the longest comment, I would give it to you. Thanks for your concern and for praying. The good news is that my husband did get a van at a good price and it's paid for already. He should be home in about a week. Strangely, we have grown closer since he has been gone. We both have done a lot of maturing spiritually in the past 2 months. And I think it took us being apart for that to happen. I feel bad for my kids, not have their daddy around, but they seem to be OK.

Shari said...

I forgot to tell you - you might want to join in on the Soapbox Sunday meme. You seem to be opinionated. Ha Ha. Me too. I hope this new meme grows and continues, because I have lots of ideas for Soapbox Sunday posts.

Alice said...

Congratulations on your award! I was so happy to be reminded of this verse and now I too will have to go around saying it with a British accent. There are so many different ones though. I think I'll go with Joan Plowright (I just saw her in a movie.) :)

Frogdancer said...

Of course we have air conditioning in Australia.

Denise said...

there are several blogs that cheer me up and you are so deserving.... and I loved your English accent!!!!!! hahahah I lived in Newmarket England in the 60's and after three years came home with such an accent that no one could understand me.... it was a hoot!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I am so worried about the honeybees. I hope they find out soon what is killing them off. The world would be a terribly different place if they were to die off.

SweetAnnee said...

I love the verse and the picture!!
and congrats of the reward .
you're a dear.