Monday, March 24, 2008

"Litera-Tea" ......You've Got Mail!!

Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea.
~Author Unknown~

This is one of my most favorite "Tea Quotes" because who doesn't love....."Tea and Toast???"

When I was a child...and if I were sick.....sometime my Mother would make me "Tea and Toast" for breakfast.
I think this quote shows the imagination of the one who wrote it that could see that you can take some so plain and dream it bigger.

I saw that "Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon" was doing a "Blog a thon" in relationship to "Tea" and various "Tea subjects."

I love all those things......"Tea and Tea related items and such" so I thought I would "jump on this bandwagon" today.

Who doesn't like receiving a nice long (or short for that matter)letter in the mail...or a little word of "encouragement" scribbled in some way in a card or a sweet greeting in the mail??

I know I do
.....and I love to send them as well.

I like to send out "Tea cards" fact I'm always looking for different kinds of them.

I found a new source for "special" Tea cards about a year or so ago....they have a tea bag right inside of them along with various sentiments and artistic covers relating to whatever you are sending them for.
I hate to reveal this because in fact have some sitting on my desk right now ready to be mailed out to some of you who might read this but.....oh well. Surprise!

I purchase them online from the "Kimberly Shaw Store"
Here is sample of some of her cards....they are really great!

Check out her site, they have always been very kind and accomidating to me and they have some other very precious "tea related" items for sale as well.

If you know of any other cute "Tea stationary" let me know....


Julie said...

I bought a "tea" card years ago and never sent it because I liked the card - and the concept - so much. I wonder how that tea tastes now? Yuck!

ellen b. said...

Oh I love your tea cards. They are so sweet. Who doesn't love getting a wonderful note in the mail? I know I'm thrilled to.

iwka said...

I wrote about tea in my blog. This must be the end of the world.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Those cards are so sweet. Children in my classroom used to create a teacup for their mothers on Mother's Day and a teabag would be added. Such a great idea!

And I love the idea you raise about making something simple even better by using a bit more imagination. Excellent!

Lana G! said...

What a fabulous idea. You have such a beautiful blog!

Denise said...

toooooooooo cute post.....Love those cards....... When I lived in England in the middle 60's I learned to drink Tea! Typhoo tea to be exact...... I love it to this day........ but I do not think I have seen the Tea cards ..... they are sweet!!!!!!!

Karla said...

What a neat idea! And what pretty cards! Thanks for sharing!

Alice said...

Tea and toast has been my daily breakfast for 50 years. Thank you so much for showing those tea cards; they are perfect for sending friends who might be feeling a bit under the weather.

Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful tea cards! I must order some myself! These are delightful!

Happy Dog House said...

Thanks for mentioning the source of the cards. They're very pretty.

Do you know that the settings you have chosen for comments are blocking everyone except Blogger users? My comment won't link to my blog because you haven't chosen the setting that allows people with WordPress and TypePad blogs to leave linked comments. There's info on the Gracious Hospitality blog about this.

Joyce said...

Okay Everyone,
I have now added "comment" word you have to do that entry of the squiggly word, now just to try to "CUT DOWN" on the SPAMMERS that have been trying to leave their weird links on here....hopefully that will help.

AND I opened the comments up to outside bloggers other than
"E-bloggers" so maybe that will help people with other sites to comment as well!
Thanks for your comments and suggestions....

Grace Yaskovic said...

thanks so much for the post, the tea cards are just beautiful

Minnesota Kathi :) said...

Tea and toast, what a cute little poem but the picture of the children bowing in prayer is precious! The tea cards are so pretty and who wouldn't love to receive one of them. Thank you for sharing.

Kathi :)

Denise said...

What a delightful blog, post and ideas! I really enjoyed visiting with you today. I've picked up a few of those cards at our local tea room, Miss Annabelle's in Loveland, Ohio. They are such a sweet little gift to send someone reminding them how special they really are. Thank you for sharing!

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

Lovely tea cards - what a great concept. I absolutely adore tea. I love the smell of coffee but can't stand the taste. But tea, that's a different story - so soothing, so aromatic, perfect cold or hot. I'll have to check the link you posted. I am blog hopping today and found you through QuillySilly - it's been a pleasure visiting.

Charlotte said...

I had never heard of tea cards. What a sweet idea. I wish I liked tea. I like the thought of it. I love tea cups. Oh, I like iced tea very much, but not hot tea unless it is spiced. I'm a black coffee drinker - no sweetener - no cream.
Thank you for the lovely comments you made on my blog.

La Tea Dah said...

Hi Julie,

I'm not sure. . .it doesn't look like my other comments have gone through. I was responding to your neat idea for tea cards. So, this is a 'test' to see what's going on.


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I love her cards, as well. I send them all the time to tea friends!

Anonymous said...

I love that quote!

Anonymous said...

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