Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday "MeMe".....

"FOUR gifts..... from heaven to me."

I was tagged by by "K.J. at Eye-dyllic" to do this "meme."

I have pondered this a good bit. I had wanted to use a different photo on fact I have a wonderful art print in my home and couldn't get it worked out in time to get it on here for this.
Maybe another time.

That situation caused me take a new course in this little piece of writing and I found this photo of my kids and thought I would use it.

Mom's like to "showcase" their children.

I don't think I do it I figured "hey, why not indulge a little bit more in this realm?"
Interesting these "Meme" things......I don't know if I like them yet.
Although this is my FIRST one to do. Hope it went off alright.

I now tag my cousin Sarah"
who lives in Missouri. Sarah I am going to e-mail you with the "rules." HA!
I'm not going to "tag" too many people......

Otherwise.....nothing may happen at all. HA!


KJ said...

Yea! This is wonderful! And a good lookin' group of kids to boot! I'm dancin' another jig!

Blessings galore,

Joyce said...

You are SO FUNNY.....well if you can dance the "Irish Jig" I NEED you at our St. Paddy's Day celebration on the 16th....can you make it??

Susie Harris said...

What a great lookin' family you have there! Are the boy's all spoken for? I have one very cute niece thats in her freshman year of college.hehe She would die if she knew I posted this.I need a new family photo taken. My sister has gotten into photography and is really good. It's finding the time and getting all of us together in a good mood! It's that easy with three kids ! Take care my sweet friend.

Joyce said...

My oldest one has the British girlfriend in Connecticut..Caleb and Luke are available though. HA!

Steph said...

Beautiful people!

SweetAnnee said...

What a wonderful family you are BLESSED..
lovingly, deena

Angie(quillysilly) said...

What beautiful babies you have! You must be one proud Mama (and your Gabe looks a lot like Tate Donovan!!!)

Sounds like your clan is going to have one fun party! Best o` luck and hope you have a blast!


Alice said...

Your children are all beautiful and what a nice photograph of them. I love seeing family pictures.

Valentine Hearts said...

I am still around, just so busy, thank you for thinking of me. I've loved going over your posts for a catch up.

We have race week here in Cheltenham next week. Google it and see what you find!! We have loads of Irish do an annual trip over here and our whole town changes into a party town.

I will try and do a post at the weekend to explain more.

Jackie xx