Friday, April 11, 2008

I needed this tonight.......

The last few days my husband and I have been on one of life's "emotional roller coaster" of sorts. It's not anything I feel I can express right now, but trust's been a tad upsetting.

What I can tell you though, is that we have "peace."

Which is a good thing believe me....when you have've got alot.

Not related to any of that ..."Miss Priss" just left to go spend the night at her BFF's house so that they could have some "girl time" before they start to prepare probably all day long for tomorrow nights "Junior/Senior Prom."

That was something to watch her go out the door, sniff, sniff, with all her Prom attire and bags of makeup and stuff she needs to get "fixed up"....ugh. Sad.
Our sweet baby girl is growing up. :~(
It's okay though....that's how life works.

We will catch back up with her tomorrow in order to take photos of her and her date
"The Italian" at his family's house, then run back home to take photos of our son and his date at OUR house. Yikes!
Photos will be forthcoming. HA!

I came into the office after she left and...tired as I am, thought I would just catch up on a couple of blogs I've been missing checking in on this week. I heard a song randomly playing on Ms. Charlotte's blog....I'd never heard it before but recognized the singer....and it was "Michael W. Smith," his voice is so recognizable.
Not to mention, I LOVE Michael W. Smith's music.

It always is encouraging and uplifting no matter who you are.

OF COURSE, I then decided to look up that song on U-Tube....and upon watching it, it absolutely went deep into my spirit and soothed me. Not that I am in distress because I'm not, but it doesn't hurt to allow some "healing balm" such as this to be applied every to yourself ever once in a while.

Sometimes you just get body, mind and soul.
I needed this.
I thought....some of you may need it as well.

Plus...IF you like Bagpipes(like I do) might want to check out his "This Is Your Time"'ll love the lyrics.
This video will impact you.

It's a tribute to "Cassie Bernall" who was murdered in the Columbine Massacre. might want to grab a kleenex (or two or three) before you watch it.


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the sweet comments about my tea cozy in my ad.

I read this post and my heart was moved. Glad you have the peace that passes all understanding... MWS is one of my favorites, too. Rich Mullins was my all-time favorite. When my soul is weary, I can listen to his Songs CD and feel so renewed in spirit!

Hugs, Karen

Susie Harris said...

Glad to hear that "it is well". Dont you just love that song... It is well with my soul.... I do . Whatever it may be going on in your life I know Our God is with us, always. Hope your little ones have a safe prom night. Cant wait to see pictures. Many hugs your way, Susie

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...
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Julie said...

So wishing my computer had audio. Even my computer-whiz kid could not fix the audio when she was home for Christmas.

Denise said...

Beautiful song,,, I have heard it many times......... I especially love the bagpipes.. Sorry that there are things causing you pain in your life...... but is it not wonderful that the Father God has given you peace admist the storm.......
I will put you in my prayer book..