Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prom Tragedy Diverted.......

It's 2:40am and I can't sleep so thought I would just give you a few tiny details until tomorrow sometime. More photos later too.

Luke and Mom....

Not maybe 35 minutes after we left our daughter's date's Mama's house.....we got a call from her and I could tell by the way she said......"Mama" what had happened. I just KNEW it!! They'd been hit by a car and I knew the person had been drunk. I just could feel it.

I let her tell me as my heart was sinking....and as my husband and I scrambled to leave the restaurant we had gone to on a date...our food had just arrived and we had begun eating it when her phone call came and she told me.....

"That they had been hit by a DRUNK DRIVER on the interstate as they were exiting off to go eat with a group of friends."

She told me that this kid that hit them had been "drinking all day" and had bragged to others about it. The driver of that car is a 22 year old guy....... someone my daughter and her date didn't know at all.....but someone apparently "invited" his 16 year old date to come eat with the group of kids that were going to the restaurant that my daughter and her date were going to.

There was to be a group of nearly 20 kids and someone had invited that young girl and her boyfriend. The kids were ALL in separate vehicles. My daughter and her boyfriend were sandwiched in between the drunk kid and some other cars driving in his Mama's Ford Explorer, which was a good thing they approached an exit off of the interstate.

That's when that boy came up on them so fast and then tried to slam on his brakes...our boy saw this and veered off to the shoulder because he knew they would be thrown into the car ahead of them and even though they got out of the lane it was too late....that kid had stopped so hard he lost control of his Yukon and spun at our kids car and rear ended them with the entire SIDE of his Yukon.....crashing out their back door and busting out the back window and sending them flying still. Hit their heads in their car, snapping their necks and being thrown about.
Thank GOD for seat belts.

I'll try to explain more....tomorrow when I can think clearer.

Tonight we found out that this boy was booked into "Parish Prison" which is what we call "JAIL" here.......on his SECOND count of DWI.....and he was "wanted as a fugitive" for a different warrant out for his arrest.

Do you think I am mad or what? Oh yeah.....I have a bit of stuff to vent out......but I have pretty much worked it out.

What I am though...overwhelmingly, is GRATEFUL.....and THANKFUL......and APPRECIATIVE to God for protecting our baby girl and her little boyfriend...who is a very tender hearted young man and we like him alot.

His Mama, along with his older sister and her boyfriend had beat us to the scene and so had our middle son Caleb and one of his friends so thankfully we had some "support" there for us and our kids.

Before we left this scene.....both of our kids cried and cried. My husband embraced them both and let them weep. Because they both were so traumatized by what had happened and by the stuff the belligerent drunken kid was yelling at us all.

The policeman didn't put him in the police car until the very end (over an hour of standing outside with this going on) so it left everyone wide open for this kids bad attitude to continue to spew out.

IT is maddening when someone else.....nearly takes your kids out of this world by their own selfishness and foolishness and when they are not the LEAST bit remorseful for doing so.

This boy was not sorry for his actions I promise you. He exhibited that to me at one point......and proceeded to call me out and cuss at me and use his favorite word... that must be most of his main vocabulary I guess.......the infamous "F" word.

It was a long saga and very emotional.....and it's not over. Miss Priss and her date are hurting big time now....and will be going to go get checked out tomorrow.

Two years ago.....our son Luke and my husband were hit by a drunk driver from New Orleans that had ran a red light and plowed into them. Three more feet and Luke would not be with us tonight.
This was another young guy in his 20's......just doing his own thing. He's never come to trail on this yet and besides this accident....he has 14 counts of "felonies" against him.

Oh yea, I am mad.
Because I hate this sick feeling in my stomach....and I hate it when people think they can infringe their bad behavior on my family..... And nearly kill them.

But it wasn't their "time" to go.......and we know this.....because we had prayed tonight for God's divine protection over all our children...and their dates with them.
And it took place. And we are BLESSED and this isn't going to rob our joy or our kids's robbing my sleep a bit.....but that isn't much considering that I will sleeping "in late" tomorrow in my cozy bed......while that boy is trying to sleep in Parish Prison.

One question.

Where are those kids parents???? They didn't even call their parents the entire time we were all waiting there. Do they know what happened? I guess they will hear someway.
The young girl was taken home by a police officer. What is to become of that little thing?
God have mercy. Because like I told that boy....."I'm a merciful person....but you have NONE of my mercy right now for what you nearly did to my daughter and her had NO right to drive drunk and hit them."

To which I got the ......"F you, F, you" over and over and and him coming after me like he was going to punch me or which I then reminded him......."you are going to jail tonight buddy...." and he was dead set that he wasn't. He really believed he was not going to jail. And I told him......"oh yes you are man and you will be staying ALL NIGHT."This ticked him off but I could tell he didn't believe it at all.

I got more profanity out of that...but.......what do you expect. That boy was in bad shape and I couldn't help looking at his face and wondering what his story was......why did he have so much pain in his life? He was lost as a goose in a snowstorm and his eyes told many tales.....he was absolutely tormented.

I don't know who he is....only his name.....I don't know what his issues are...but for now I will pray for him.

Once the officer started to put him in the police car......he yelled something evil and hateful over the police car and my Son and Ariel's date went crazy and charged over to the police car to get at him.....but fortunate for them he was already shoved into the back seat of the police that was a good thing.

This is how I know he wasn't sorry, amongst other things......I'll tell you what he said tomorrow.
It's time to try to sleep now. If I can.
More photos and news tomorrow.....


The Rose Room said...

I am so sorry you and your family are going through this trauma but blessings that they are alive and ok:) Rachael

FeatherIron said...

Thank God for seat belts is right!! I am glad they are ok. I hope this kids learns from this, I really do, cuz' it could have been so much worse.

IsabellaCloset said...

Dear Joyce, I'm upset after reading you post and email...Oh my gosh what an awful night this has been for all of you.
How sad that the 22 year old drunk driver was probably not sorry.
Thank God a huge tragedy was diverted....but this awful night will stay with all of you forever. I hope you were able to get some sleep.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs and much love to you my sweet friend ~Mary~

KJ said...

OH DEAR JOYCE... I shouldn't be up right now, but I was getting so much done, I just let the clock do it's thing...

I was reading your post through a mixture of tears and rejoicing that no lives were lost! PRAISE GOD!!! I will pray for you and your family. I know God is at work and so obviously with YOU!

I am also very sorry to see such a special night ruined by a very lost young man. I will be praying for him, too.

Lord, overwhelm Joyce, right now, with your peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Calm her, soothe her, give her your thoughts, and pour out your wisdom upon her and her husband. Be with her daughter and her date. Tend to their aches and pains. Heal them speedily and cause your peace and grace to lead them even deeper into your arms.

Much love, KJ

Mary Isabella said...

This makes me so angry. This young man's bad choices in life affected two young people who were making good choices I am with you where were the parents of the young girl and why was she allowed to date someone with this background and let alone the age difference. When I was 18 years old a drunk driver ran my now husband and myself off the road and we hit a tree on my side of the car and I now have permanent Neck injuries from this accident.
I am so glad none of them were hurt and that your sweet daughter's and her frinds night was spoiled. I will pray for all involed. This young man needs our prayers to turn his life around before he hurts someone or himself....Blessings to all...Mary

Angie(quillysilly) said...

Oh have every right to be so upset!! I am just in shock reading your story...Thank the Lord that your kiddos were ok and that hopefully this young man is off the streets. Hopefully they will suspend his license and require counselling along with some time served. I will be praying for all of you tonight that you have peace that passes all understanding....Angie

Susie Harris said...

Oh my goodness Joyce... My worse fears... Are you ok now? Poor Miss Priss and her little date. Im so sorry that they had to go through all of that. I hope thay driver gets it good. Please keep me in touch... Hugs, Susie

Stacey Huston said...

I am glad that your children are safe and that this young man is off of the road, sorry it had to come down to this, HOpe you rest and have a better day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

oh my God. I will try to call you.

Denise said...

I am soooooooo sorry.... I have not been over here for a day or so .... I praise God with you that you have your precious daughter and that sweet young man...... Oh how great is our God that when we pray for protection over our children He does just that... He sets his angels round about them.... It is the job of the enemy to steal and kill and destroy..... You and your precious husband prayed the prayer of faith and the hedge of the Father God was placed over your children.... I rejoice with you that He is ever watching.......I am so sorry for that young man that is on a path of destruction for his life and maybe others...... He needs prayer...... I will pray for him as I rejoice with you........