Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Surprise!

(sorry the camera did weird things to my shirt)

I was sitting at my computer this morning having a bit of a good breakfast...
WHOOPS....I meant this...and writing an e-mail to Julie at "Celtic Lady" when my front doorbell rang.

I could see the mailman's truck outside on the street so I knew it had to be a package...but I was baffled as to what he could be bringing since since I haven't ordered anything online lately.

Once opening the door.....I see it is a package from "K.J."
at "Eye-dyllic." Who is all the way in sunny Southern California.
She's cute isn't she? This is her and her little boy.

She had written me the other day to tell me she was sending me a package but it sure came faster than I was a "Priority box."
So I peeked into it......CUUUTE!..."pink styrofoam peanuts" and whatever the "precious cargo"'s wrapped in brown tissue paper. Cool....I love pink and brown together. I unwrap the "surprise" and "WOW"K.J. has been reading my posts and remembered that I said earlier that...."I love paper napkins" and did she EVER send me some cute ones...and several packages of them.
Okay, so we have a total of SIX packages of various cute paper napkins....a nice cello package of tea tied with a neat black ribbon...a COASTER...

This I am loving this because did you notice earlier what I sit my tea mug on?
A paper napkin.

I do this every day when working at my desk...I always put my teacup and saucer or tea mug on one.... odd habit I know but it catches any "drips." HA!

Now however, I can use this sweet little coaster.

Great ideal K.J.!!!
And last but not least....a package of "sticky notes"....I am into sticky notes too and there is NO way she could have known this!

These are SPECIAL ones too because they say....."This Pad has been Clinicially Proven to prevent senior moments.....not to be taken internally!" HA~HA!

Funnny.......hey wait a minute....K.J. how old do you think I am?? I mean I am only..ummm..ummm..never mind I forgot how old I am...HA! Not really I'm just joking I'm 29 as usual. HA!

My friend always says that. She wrote this in a book she gave me one year for my birthday....."Happy Birthday to Joyce on her 29th birthday!"

Boy did it ever feel like my birthday today...

Isn't it GRAND to get a package in the mail for no apparent reason other than someone very sweet, and KIND, is thinking of you and takes the
"time, effort and expense"
just to

Thank you K.J...your awesome!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! They are all so pretty.


Julie said...

What a wonderful surprise. The napkins are beautiful. Our book club members always make sure to have especially pretty paper napkins for our coffee and dessert.

KJ is great, isn't she. You deserve to get a package out of the blue. You send out love and kindness with your emails and blog, so it is only natural that you get love and kindness in return.

Hugs, Julie

Anonymous said...

When is my package coming? I wonder...

(...just don't feel sorry for me now)

Steph said...

Oh, how cool!

Alice said...

This post had me laughing. What special gifts you received! I love paper napkins and can get lost in any party store.

Shari said...

What a neat surprise for you. Those napkins look so fancy - the perfect gift for you. I've been 35 for a few years now. When people ask my age, I just round it down to 35, it's easier that way.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm not jealous! I got a package once from her myself :) She is so generous and KARENNNN!!!! You are drop dead I'm intimidated to talk to you!!! I'll come all timid and hiding next time I comment LOL!
Both breakfasts for me!

Charlotte said...

What a great surprise. I love surprises. Guess everyone does.

The Feathered Nest said...

I came over from KJ's blog - had to see what she sent you :-)

She's a sweet woman - always so thoughtful and supportive!

It is wonderful to have such a lovely unexpected surprise! The napkins are are all so pretty and each time you use one you'll think of the lovely friend who blessed you with them!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wasn't that just the sweetest surprise! What a dear KJ is.
Smiles, Karen