Monday, April 14, 2008

"Trust the GUT"

Have you ever felt something "going on" but you weren't quite sure what it was?

Sometimes things are a bit ...."cloudy" but know you're aware of something "about to take place."

I AWAYS have tried to tell my kids to "TRUST OUR GUT"......because your usually RIGHT in what your feeling. So be "aware" of it.

Many times we "feel" something....or we "pick up" on someone or feel an odd feeling around someone...or you feel weird about a "situation".....I tell you to TRUST it. You may not always know that moment. But there is a reason many times for what your feeling.

Sometimes it's revealed to you....sometimes it isn't. But it may very well be a "warning." I usually try to take note of it and process it at some point to see what it is.

Saturday after taking photos with Luke before Prom.....I had a "weird feeling" and once he went out the back door to leave.....I ran out the front door because I didn't get to hug him "Goodbye." I had a "feeling"......a sensation.....and I thought to myself.....

"What IF something happened to him tonight and I never got to hug him again?"
I wasn't wasn't fear.
I know it was a prompting and I have felt them many times. Sometimes I am LAX concerning these things and I let them pass and don't take proper action only to regret it later.

This time I knew I needed to do I did and I got him right before he got into my husband's truck and said....."I need to hug you Luke."

He said....."Mom.....ya'll need to quit being over so protective."

Hummm......I'm so glad I trusted my "GUT" that night. I'm glad we
"covered" our kids before they went to Prom.

When you feel it.

In Biblical times.....the "guts" or in nicer terms "the intestines or bowels" were considered to be the "seat of the emotions"......much like the "heart" is today.

Trust the Gut people.

Many times God is "un-nerving us" for a reason.

Ariel told us once we got to the scene of the accident that night....."that she had a funny feeling on Friday about Prom...." Hummmm.....which now makes sense.

My older son has a very "keen" sense of all this....what we like to also call....."Discernment."

I tell him all the time......
"Trust it." Pay attention when you feel this or that.....if you have a "Check" about it..or a"reservation"....
then don't do or say it or go there or just whatever.

Don't give way to fear...but don't ignore it when you feel something going on.
I want my seek direction. Many times when they are confused, they call us and consult our opinion or what we feel on whatever they are dealing with.

WE ALL can get "muddled down" in life and we loose our direction.
Sometimes...our inner "compass" can get messed up and we can get lost in this world.

All these things....can be fixed...that's the great thing.

Today the "DUI boy" was put before a Judge here because he has the 8 Criminal warrants against him that he has never addressed and basically has ran from.

We found out tonight..because of those issues alone.....he has been given some "penalties" for lack of the correct phrasing.. it's a sentencing of sorts basically....of ...1 year and 45 days in Parish Prison starting NOW. I guess?

I'll be checking into all this. Have I every learned a lot about our local "Judicial system" in the past couple of days but there is loads more to grasp.

I told my husband...after that last ordeal. I am ON this thing.
I will be learning the system because I haven't a clue how it works...and paying attention to what is going on. I have realized how ignorant I have been about this type of legal process and what happens when it's going on.

I need to tell you another "twist" to this story. But it will have to be at another time. I've been up late every night and I'm exhausted tonight.

I wish you all "Sweet Dreams."


Suzanne said...

Joyce, your family has been through so much this past weekend. I'll be praying for your daughter and her date.

Steph said...

yes, sending good thoughts!

Denise said...

Always got to listen to that GUT....... it is our peace being disturbed........ and there is something causing that disturbance...... Discernment.... for sure........... I think I will post on that.... I pray that the Lord continues to hid you away ...