Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Morning...

Flowers arrived yesterday for Miss Priss from "Big Brother and The British Girlfriend".....
That was so sweet and unexpected of them....but it was a very nice "pick me up" for little sister who loves and misses her Big Brother dearly.
We all do. :~(

I have to kids know how to "rally" around us all in a crisis. They always have. I don't care if it's a hurricane...or whatever. They are there and they are on it doing whatever they can to help.

When their Daddy and Luke were hit by the other DRUNK DRIVER, our two older boys were on the scene before me and Miss Priss and had unhitched their Daddy's work trailer from the truck that was wrecked and were pulling it out of the mess to bring home. The trailer had been damaged as well....but was able to be moved to our house.

The boys couldn't reach me immediately because I had gone to bed very early and so had Miss Priss because we both were really sick with colds, and she had Strep Throat. Long story oldest son finally got me on the phone and told me what had happened and that he and middle brother were already there and what was going on and to just "GET to the hospital."

I had to pass the wreck on the way. The State Troopers were still with there on the site with their lights flashing, so I stopped and SAW first hand what my older boys were doing..and that made me fall apart. Partly to see what had just happened to my husband and youngest son....and partly to see how my older boys had taken command of the situation without any asking or help.
They came up to the hospital to be with Miss Priss and myself while we were in the E.R. with Don and Luke once they got finished doing all that.

WHAT a blessing it is in a crisis to have kids like this.
Or anytime for that matter.

Luke and his dog....Danny O'Shea.

Saturday night.....once Miss Priss had called us....and we were leaving the restaurant that we had gone to. I called our boys immediatly.
I called Caleb first.....who as soon as I got the words out of my mouth yelled to someone..."GET IN THE TRUCK".....I had no clue who he was talking to but he and a friend beat us to the accident scene.

Luke.....tried to come...but couldn't get anyone to bring him. He was already involved in his Prom festivities...and was at dinner with a group. He didn't drive so he couldn't leave. He checked in with us several times though.

Big Brother is in Connecticut of course so he couldn't be there.....but believe me. We called him from the scene and he talked to little sister right then and there.

Miss Priss and the "Italian Boy"

Mom, Miss Priss, and Dad. Yes I am looking fat and like "get me out of here" UGH~! The humidity had made my hair already fall FLAT from just a few minutes prior taking photos with Luke at our house...this is Louisiana my friends. Crazy!

A sadder Miss Priss (and very CRABBY...ugh!) who still likes the comfort of her stuffed animals.

I let Miss Priss try to go back to school yesterday. But it was too soon.
She had a very hard day.
So I'm MAKING her stay home today. Tomorrow I am taking her to the Chiropractor to see if they can bring her some relief.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday too....

We didn't have much of a party because this whole week has been messed up and I didn't have much time to get done what I had wanted to do. So the boys and I decided that we will deal with this event better on Sunday.

However we did grill steaks and chicken breasts last night and had a nice family dinner minus Luke who had to work.

Italian Boy was here too. I have to get him from his school since he's out a car now since his Mama has to use his from work now that she's out her vehicle and I can help her in that way for now.

By the way......"Miss Priss and Italian Boy" will get ANOTHER SHOT at Prom.
He attends a private school.....and they will be going to his Prom at the end of the month.
I told them they can't get on the Interstate and can only do something like maybe the local area "Taco Bell drive thru."

This now makes a total of THREE ACCIDENTS caused by drunk drivers for our family. We were ALL hit by a drunk driver on a family vacation in Colorado years ago when our kids were little..... yet, we have still been fortunate enough to walk away with our lives.
But not without some pain and suffering and not always our vehicles and other expenses though.

Do you think I am sick of DRUNK DRIVERS?
You know I am.
Sorry to rant but I must.


Susie Harris said...

You are so blessed. Glad to hear she is doing ok, bless her heart. Prom night should be filled with safe fun, food, and laughter. Hugs, Susie

Alice said...

Oh, what a terrible thing to happen! I just read through all your wreck posts and it is so upsetting. I used the word wreck on purpose because drinking and driving is no "accident." How evil that drunk driver was; it is even hard to believe that people can behave that way. As you said, where were his parents.

I'm so glad your precious daughter was not hurt even worse. It is good you aren't letting her do too much too soon. I'm not sure I'd even be able to let her out of my sight for weeks!

On a happier note, I just wanted to add how beautiful she looked in her prom gown. It's great that she'll get to attend her boyfriend's prom and experience all that prom fun as it was meant to be.

I'm a little late but I'll be saying a prayer for your daughter and your family, that you all will be able to put this behind you, that your hearts will be able to get off high alert status.

Anonymous said...

You are not fat and I like flat hair.
Thanks for the lovely package :-)


Denise said...

I am so glad that she is better and I am so sorry that she does not have the wonderful memories that she should of her prom night.. I did not mention it before but my youngest son wrapped a Trans Am around a telephone pole after he had taken his girl home..... It was that 3 a.m. phone call that all parents dread..... But thanks to the Father God Chris was fine....just so shook up.......... soooooooo I know a bit of what you have been through........... bless your heart...


Mary Isabella said...

You have earned the right to rant and rave all you want.3 accidents caused by drunk drivers unreal. I am so glad they have another prom they can attend. The picture of the four of you is wonderful. Such a beautiful family you are... Wishing you a beautiful weekend...Mary

KJ said...

Wow, my heart is full. I have read everything that you have written and I'm just soaking it in. God is so good, and yes, God speaks in our knower—our gut. I am getting so much better at abiding by what I hear down there. The Holy Spirit has warmed me about so many things. He really is our constant help in time of need and even for moment by moment counsel! Hey, He has given me napkin folds, which only shows how involved He is in the details of our lives.

Praise God, Joyce!

Please email me and give me your phone number—if you don't mind... I really feel led to pray with li'l ol' you.

Love, hugs, and mush,

Shari said...

Oh my goodness. I haven't done much blogging at all this week. But, I had to come by your blog and get caught up on your life. Well, it sounds like your week was terrible. Praise the Lord that your daughter and date are still alive. How terrible that it ruined her prom and your husband's Birthday, too. I hope that this weekend has been a bit better for all of you.

Julie said...

Your daughter is so beautiful. I am so glad everything turned out well. You may think I was uncaring because I wasn't commenting but I certainly was reading and feeling your pain. I can't believe all the things that have happened to your family regarding drinking and driving. Even though it comes so late, please accept my love and prayers for the safety of your family from now on!!!