Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation Day......"it's all about Luke."

Monday was Graduation Day for Luke.......and I have to say that it goes down in the my record book as the the loudest, craziest, most disruptive, disrespectful, non memorable, Graduation that one of my kids has ever had.

The crowd was SO out of control that they had to be warned a couple of times to settle down. Which they didn't and you couldn't even hear the kids that were being called out for dipolmas, names being called.

Don't get me wrong....I am all about the "celebration" but air horns and sirens and God knows what else some of that stuff was....I can't even go there but let's say it was....ummm....."very obnoxious."

I know that sounds mean.....but I've never seen anything like it. I now am already DREADING what next year will be like for Miss Priss at her Graduation. Ugh!!!
Luke afterwards at Boutin's Restaurant

I was so GLAD when it was all over
and it WAS over in one hour. They herded those hundreds of Graduating Seniors through that program FAST.
By a few minutes after 6:00pm....we were outside taking photos. Wow.

Then we were all off to go to celebrate!!!

Luke outdoors at the restaurant where we ate that night.

Luke and his best friend Evan.

"Miss Priss, and The Brothers"

Mom and Luke

Mom and Dad and the "new" Grad.

"Miss Priss and Italian Boy"

"Big Brother and Miss Priss"

"The Brothers" arriving at the restaurant. Handsome "Blokes" I must say.

Luke choose for our family to go to "Boutins Cajun Restaurant" after Graduation. It's a very nice and well respected Cajun Restaurant here in Baton Rouge and since we haven't any family in Louisiana we celebrate Graduations this way.....by going out to eat together as a family afterwards.

Figuring out "what great Cajun dish" to order....yuuuummmm.

I hope you can see this it's a bit dark but it's the "Crabmeat Au Gratin" and to die for.....that's what I ordered :~). It was FAB!

The "Mom and Dad"

Outdoor view from the back of the restaurant....it's a small but beautiful swap.
The temp was 90 degrees in Baton Rouge on Monday...believe me it was NO FUN walking in "high heels" to that Maravich Assembly Center...and I thought I was going to die between the walk and the heat...whew!!

But by the time we got to the Resaurant it had cooled down and bit and the humidity had eased up a tad (only just a tad) but actually it was WONDERFUL outdoors.I don't know if you can see them or not..but there are about a bizillion "turtles" in this photo eating bread that someone threw to them.

My husband and our oldest son after dinner.
The "Luke Shrine" and Graduation Cake....which was actually made up of "28 Cupcakes" into the shape of a "Diploma." I saw it at Target on Graduation day while grabbing Luke a "new shirt" since the Gray one he had just BOUGHT the day before wasn't the "correct color" for Graduation....(good Lord people give me a break)...anyway I loved that "Diploma cupcake" cake ideal....
so I bought it. HA!

Ugh. We were full from our great dinner but somehow managed to stuff some cupcakes into our mouths anyhow. Well, at least Miss Priss and I did.

Gabe and Caleb went to see the new "Prince Caspin" movie after dinner. Luke went to his friend Evan's house and Italian Boy came over for a bit but then went to a friend's house to spend the night "cramming for a final" for today at his school.

Miss Priss will be out of school for the summer as of Thursday...and I am thrilled.
Is it "Beach time" yet??? I'm thinking..."oh yes it is."

I will post the rest of the "cake" photos later. It's late.....and I'm whipped after these two crazy days.

Well actually after about a month and a half of crazy days. Or it could be years at this point....I've lost count. Sigh.

We have canceled our 6 day trip to Texas that we were leaving for on ....Thursday .....I'll fill you in on that too later.
Goodnight for now.


Anonymous said...

So...in that Cajun restaurant...it's so original, because you have to dive into the swamp yourself and catch you dinner, I guess... :-)
Well, Luke, I was your baby sitter once, I had no clue what I was doing, hardly speaking English, trying to play games with you...you were so cute... seems like just few years ago... Congratulations.

Steph said...

What a handsome family! congrats!

Susie Harris said...

Congrat's to Mr. Luke... I know you are proud! Just one more to go ahhh. Dont you just love that restaurant. Marc works right down the street from there. Moody Price. It's up the street so we eat there every now and then. They are buliding a new office so we wont have all the cool places to eat soon for lunch. His new office will be closer, yeah!! It will be right by the Blue Bayou water park. Hope you have a great restful week. Smiles, Susie

FeatherIron said...

Beautiful family!! Love your hair!

Mary Isabella said...

Congratulations to Luke on this milestone in his life. You are such a beautiful family. I hope your summer is filled wih lots of fun.....

Julie said...

Congratulations, Luke! I haven't been to a graduation since my own daughter's in 2000. I wonder if they've gotten rowdy here too.

Joyce, you have a beautiful family, and that includes mom and dad. Your daughter is so pretty and your sons are indeed handsome blokes. You must be so proud.

That restaurant seems very cool, and I for sure would try those crab cakes. Reminds me of the time we were in Charleston and ate at the restaurants along Shem Creek. Believe me, they don't have crab cakes in restaurants up here. But you could try some buffalo (which is good).

I hope you have some time for yourself now, and much needed rest!

Shari said...

Congratulations to your son. I guess that you have just one more child to graduate. That would scare me to death. I guess that you probably get used to it as they do it one at a time. My youngest is finishing Kindergarten right now, so we have a ways to go still.