Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunshine, finally....thank you very much.

We have some "sunshine" and "low humidity" going on right now which is awesome! Because will be sweltering here. In already has been and our temps were in the low 90's before that crazy cold front came over last week and brought storms.

The flowers are doing good though...notice though how the birds that live in our patio awning are stripping out the moss from my "hanging moss basket" and building their nests with it. Ughhhh!!
Don't notice however, that we have to powerwash our very soon. It's "mold" my friends...welcome to Lousiana. Gross I know.
We are used to it.
I just put my "fake" flowers in the French Flower Cart for summer.....I don't really like fake ones. Although I think they do look pretty good in that thing if I might say so....nothing else will live under the carport area because it's soooo shady.
My new "rose tree" that my husband bought me for Mother's Day and I LOVE was blooming so wonderfully before the wretched storms came blowing through. I had to cut the blooms all off today because they were so messed up.
These things are blooming great in this old "crock" I inherited of my Great Aunt Hazel's when she passed away several years ago in Missouri. I loved the crock but didn't know WHAT in the world to do with I had my husband drill some holes in the bottom of it and have been planting flowers in it ever since then.
My dear husband mowing his brains out. Usually our younger son does this but the grass was WILD because of the bad weather so Don had to come to the rescue since Luke's been working so much this weekend.

I was telling my Aunt Pat the other day in Missouri that we mow every week here. She couldn't believe it. In the summer time....we usually mow twice a week. We mow all winter here in Louisiana. Unless it's very cold....fat chance. HA!
We may only mow once a month in the winter..which is like...maybe December/January....but it gets straggly and nasty if you don't keep it up.
Miss Priss studying...last night. Her Italian "tutor" and homework helper...was exhausted after working 9 hours at his job yesterday.

Miss Priss is CRAMMING big time because she is having final exams tomorrow. And we have Graduation tomorrow night and she can't check out of school early because the important test is 7th hour. Igh. I don't know how we are going to time this all but it will work out. I'm SO glad school is out this week for her. She is wearing me out.

My crazy life.
It's all good though....and I thank God for it.
I've never liked being bored.


Susie Harris said...

Joyce. looked for you in church this morning. I didnt get to see you. Its was good! Talking about changing ourself can change the world. Had a bad day after. Was in the ER with Kaylee. Long story, she had a seizure.... I have never been so scared. She is fine now just very weak. Please put her on your prayer list. Will explain more later. Thanks , Im feeling blessed, Susie

Karla said...

I don't like to get bored either. But then who has a chance to get bored?

KJ said...

My daughter, Briana, has been cramming all day for a BIG test tomorrow. She will be so happy when it is over.

I like the crock planter and the new rose bush! And, I rather have fake flowers than dead ones, so you go girl!

Is Miss Priss graduating tomorrow night? This has been an eventful life. I will say prayers that all runs smoothly and peace rules!

I knew something significant happened the other day. I didn't think you slipped off the planet or anything. I sure enjoyed our conversation!!!

Have a happy day of celebration!

Alice said...

Beautiful flowers. I had to laugh at the birds stealing your moss. I usually have Boston ferns on my front porch. Each year I get a couple nests in them. It is always quite an experience to be watering the plants and have scared birds fly out. I can't pitch the nests though if they have eggs.

Anonymous said...

I have tagged you for the "front door, back door" meme. Come over to our red house to find out more!



Cyndi Evans said...

Originally I thought Miss Priss was a cat. But I see now she is a young woman.

Enjoy the time you have with them. Our one son has graduated college and lives a few hours away from us. Our dd attends college in NY (we are in PA) and I so miss them being here. Driving them around town for practices.

One thing I must mention about that wild graduation you attended. When I graduated from high school in 1977 (a million years ago) my fellow classmates passed me a joint. I graduated in Southern California! Yikes. I declined it.

Have a lovely week.