Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hello, "Happy May Day"

"Happy May Day" please celebrate Spring in your own fun way.
If you could "peek" into my window.....besides that fact that IF I saw you doing would probably scare the "Fire" out of would see a very busy lady.

Who would be me.

I am about over "the EDGE" with kids.
MY kids.
Running around in circles it seems....all over the city, trying to get things done....that they need done.
Doctors, Dentists, school tests, shopping with Miss Priss for summer clothes.

Not counting the "every day normal life things."
You know.....groceries, laundry, housecleaning...bill paying. Yikes!

It's the end of the school year and near the end of High School for one child in particular.

Which reminds me....."where are his Senior Pictures at that I ordered weeks ago." more thing to add to my "Thursday List of Things To DO!"

Now you know why I haven't had time to write any of you nor keep up with my site.
But I know......"this too shall pass."
And it will.
I love my kids.....sigh. I'm not really complaining.....I'm just overwhelmed.
And here I sit at my computer at 2:02 am...what is up with that?

I believe it's the only time I've had to "think" without something interrupting me all day. But I am tired so I need to stop the madness.

My kids are growing up. Or have.

Some days however....I wonder which it is. HA!


Sonja said...

Hey Joyce,
Just caught up with your the bathroom looks so good. i love transformation like that! i can sit and watch those kind of shows for hours.
Anyways, I see you are burning the mid-night oil and then some! Hang in there I am right behind you with this energetic 4 year old. He really has 100% personality!!! that is for sure!
He started t-ball, remember those days? It's funny to see them out there!
Love your entries and want you to know that you inspire me and lift me on in the things you write!

sonja H.

IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, I just wanted to stop by and say hello and that I was thinking about you.
You sound so very busy. Please remember to try and take care of yourself and not to over do it.
Hope your Daughter is much better..
Hugs and much love ~Mary~ :-}

Julie said...

Hi, Joyce,

I'm sorry that my slump in commenting has coincided with some of the most stressful and busy time of your life. But, then, you understand about being overwhelmed (and I don't even have kids at home).

Hope you get some rest this weekend and that it's not too hot and humid.

Julie said...

Joyce - I just sent you a long email (as a reply to one of yours) and it came back undeliverable. What the ????. Do you have a new email addy???