Monday, April 28, 2008

Bathroom Re-do are some photos of the infamous "Bathroom Re-do" that we just completed here in our home.

Sorry it's taken me so long but we've had a lot of "Drama" here in our it's not exactly been up there on the top my list of things to do to take these photos. HA!

These are ESPECIALLY for my sister Jennifer who has NEVER been to my home.....hummm.
HA! HA!!I told her I was going to write that! She needs to bring her family down here for a VISIT. We always go North to see them.

~~~~~Here we go~~~~~

These are some "BEFORE SHOTS".......ugh
Don't you love that old funky early 1970's WALLPAPER that we found behind the mirror that was over the vanity??

As you can husband took the old walls down to the "studs" by gutting the entire bathroom.
Getting the new counter top and vanity in now....

Now there is a new tub and shower in white.....the old one was a "marbleized GREEN." I didn't take a photo of inside the tub because I didn't want you to see what kind of shampoo my kids use. HA!
Actually to me....a tub is a tub and it looks very nice, so lets move on to the GOOOOOD stuff.

A new paint color which is a very nice shade of "green" ceramic tiled floors which are a "antique green/brown shade" and we stained the grout with "TEA" to get it to the color we wanted. Great brainstorm that I had...the grout was too light and we had to do something. It worked perfect and then we sealed it and it looks fabulous.

New tan and white and black fleck granite counter top....a new
"taller" vanity which is an "antique white with a chocolate glaze over it" mirror above the vanity.
A new print on the wall, yes it's that "Eiffel Tower" shower curtain, hung with "Fluer Des Leis" hooks, new accessories everywhere.

Everything is fresh and new and clean. YAHOOO!!!

We have to put the towel rack up yet and I will put one more print or piece of artwork on the wall.....I've looked and looked in a bi-zillion antique stores and regular stores and just about everywhere....and nothing that was "resonably priced" has hit me! HA!
So I will WAIT until that happens.

I am so glad this project is over and's on to the wretched kitchen. We already have the cabinets purchased and they have been "waiting in the wings" this will be happening fairly soon. Maybe. HA! It depends on how life goes around here.

We have graduation for our youngest son in a couple weeks so I think we will wait until that is over at least.
Oh then we are taking Miss Priss to go look at a college over in Texas.


Then we will be into "hurricane season" and I always dread that...."just incase."
Been there and done that a few times now. Blah!

There you have it......we are THANKFUL this is done and I am especially thankful and grateful to have such a talented husband.
He's the BEST!!!

I'm not kidding....this man can do anything.


Shari said...

The bathroom looks great and the colors are very calming. Glad to hear that your daughter was doing well enough to go to the other prom.

IsabellaCloset said...

Hi Joyce, Your bathroom is sooooo very FABULOUS! I love it.. You sweet hubby has been a very busy guy. Yes he sure is very talanted.
Hope your sis Jennifer gets to visit you soon.
Take care my dear friend! Hope you are feeling good..
Hugs & love ~Mary~

Anonymous said...

Send your husband over here :-)

Susie Harris said...

Love it joyce! I know yall have been busy! How was Miss priss' prom night? I had her in my prayers..... Hope she had fun . Susie

Denise said...

Nice!!!!!!!!!! We start on my kitchen this summer....... YUCK!!!

Sara said...

GORGEOUS! I love it! Can't you send your sweet hubby to my house this summer to finish my basement?? I really love the bathroom, great job!

Mary Isabella said...

Good Morning,

Your bathroom is so stunning.I am wishing you a day filled with only god things....Mary

KJ said...

I love the makeover! What a difference! I especially like the cute broad in the mirror! She looks flashy!


Marmee said...

Your blog is such a lively place! I love looking at all the picures. Your bathroom re-do looks awesome! I tagged you for a meme at my blog. Have you done memes at your blog?

Anonymous said...

That looks so great. I *love* your paisley shower curtain. What a great idea to colour the grout with tea. I'll have to keep that idea in my memory banks!


Julie said...

Your new bathroom is lovely. I really didn't get the kind of bathroom I desired but like yours it is fresh and new. And it doesn't have tile falling off the walls.

I wish I had gone with darker colors for the floor, shower tile and vanity top. Oh, well. The guy at the store kept saying I should go with light colors in such a small room.

FeatherIron said...

Very nice!!!