Sunday, May 11, 2008

"The People who call me Mama"

These are the "People who call me Mama"......

We live in the "Deep South".....where it's "traditional" for children to call their Mother's....."Mama" and their Father's......"Daddy" matter how old the children get.....they still call their parents..."Mama and Daddy."
I like that.
Sometimes the "guys" drop the "Daddy" part at some point depending on how "sentimental they are" and call them just "Dad" but the girls always call them "Daddy." It just depends on the child. My boys call me "Mama" and "Mom....because we raised them with such a strong Northern my baby girl always calls me "Mama." She's so sweet.
"The Brother's playing X-Box."
Big Brother and Miss Priss last summer during a "Crawfish Boil".....


Luke and Mama....
Luke......for many years we all called him......
"Baby Luke." He's no baby anymore that's forsure.
Miss Priss ready for her date last week with "Italian Boy."

Miss Priss last winter.....

I love ALL these "people."
I like to call them......"my children."

They gave me a WONDERFUL "Mother's Day" yesterday and it was so great to have them all here together...we had a GREAT BBQ dinner (thanks Big Daddy) on the patio....and then we ALL "laughed until we cried." was so fun.

We had a fantastic day and I... as the "Mama" was SOOOO blessed by my husband and kids.
Life is Grand!


rose_michelle said...

Hello new friends. Thank you for stopping by my page. Glad to hear your a "neighbor." I pass through the capital when I got to visit my family near Hammond, so you see I am quite familiar with this sweet southern state though i am a Texan. I look forward to going through your page and learning more about you ... you're always welcome to stop by for a cuppa tea. (It's the part of my southern roots that I love best ... well that and the Cajun cusine!) If you haven't seen it yet, there is a tea set from Afghanistan in the December 2006 archives (or near there.)

Alice said...

Such a beautiful family. I'm glad you had such a special Mother's Day.

HerstoryGirl said...

Your family is just beautiful!
What great-looking kids! And if they are anything like their mama, then they are great FRIENDS, too.
Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!