Friday, May 9, 2008

"Sugar" In My Mail " ~~~Thank you Steph!!!

I got me some "Sugar" in my mail yesterday.

It was perfect too because I was having a very "ouchy and crabby" day.....blah!

My son brought in the mail and there was a package in it for me.....I was trying to remember if I had ordered anything lately....HA! Then I saw the return address and it was from Steph, at "Steph's Cup Of Tea" way up North!!! Well, North of Louisiana that is. HA!

I of course knew what it was all about when I saw her name. She was sending me my "Play It Forward" gift that I signed up for on her website a while back.
Man! She is fast and even beat me because I had just started wrapping up some of my "Play It Forward Gifts" to start sending out. Hummm.....I like to be "sooner than later" with I thought I was early even. HA! I guess I'm not as early as I thought! Oh well.....
Look at all these great things she sent to me......
I loved it ALL!!!

In my package were:

~TWO types of specialty "Serendipity Teas"
One each of "Angel's Dream" and "Chocolate Mint".....ummm....I will be brewing me a cuppa today in fact!

~A VERY cute and use full "Tea bag holder" with a Sunflower on it!

~A very CUTE and useful Note pad that says......
"Things to do AFTER I have Tea" HA! Love it.....and it has a "Scottish" Breakfast Tea bag in with it.

~A package of VERY cute "Mary Englebreit" Note cards with two little girls having Tea. I LOOOOOOVE them. I always am looking for cute "Tea" Stationary and have never seen this one before.
And last but not fact.....I have to say this is my most FAVORITE thing in the entire package even though I loved it all...
~A very CUTE "Silver Tea Pot Key Chain" that is going onto my key ring immediately!!!I have never seen one of these....or believe me I would already have one. HA!!!

Thanks so much Steph for thinking of me and blessing me on a day when I really, really, needed that "Spoonful of Sugar" in the mail.

You had no way of knowing how I was going to be feeling when you mailed that package off.....neither did I.
Someone did though!


IsabellaCloset said...

Dear sweet Joyce, I want to tell you how you have touched my heart.. You've been a blessing to me and such a kind friend! You are so very thoughtful all the time.
I want to wish you the very BEST Mothers day ever. Your children are so lucky to have such an amazing Mother and I'm blessed to call you my friend..
Big hugs... ~Mary~ :-}

Steph said...

Oh, Joyce - I'm so happy this gift lifted your spirits. We all need that sometimes, and your blog friendship has been a gift to me! Do enjoy!