Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You to the "House Of Dior"

This is going to be a bit different than what I normally do on here. I try to stay sweet....and all cotton candyish normally..... when I can. But every once in a while....something "sets me off"...and I must share it :~) HA! This is one reason why I have a blog. To inform people....not just about my family goings on but pertinent information regarding various topics.

I came across this article today while reading the news on CNN's website. It was regarding the very famous French Fashion "House Of Dior" and how they have released Sharon Stone from representing them (only in their China Ads) as one of their spokespeople because of the comments she made at Cannes recently regarding the earthquake in China.Which basically what she stated was something of a suggestion that the "Chinese earthquake which killed at least 70,000 people was the result of bad karma." Her comments have now outraged the people of China, and who can blame them??

Her comments bothered me as well....because we aren't talking about "cockroaches" dying and loosing their homes here....we are talking people.....SOULS....lots of them.
Today I wrote the House of Dior and told so many words a huge "Thank You" for dismissing Stone as their spokes person in China.

Now......I don't wear Dior...I'm not against's just not me nor in my budget.
I think I bought Miss Priss some fake Dior looking earrings once in New Orleans or at the Mall when they were the "rage." However, that is about the extent of my Dior buying experience.

when I see and hear of someone doing the right thing and I TRY to always give them an "applause" of some sort or another. That is why I wrote to The House Of Dior today. Because they did the right thing in opposing the comments of Ms. Stone. Personally I wish they would have gone further and fired her altogether.

What has happened in China is not to be taken lightly no matter what their Government has done through the years and continues to do. It's the innocent people that have suffered under China's regimes and policies and it is the innocent people that are suffering now as a result of this earthquake.

Let me say this as well......while I'm yaking my opinions.....
#1. I am all for a FREE TIBET. I want to see that as much as anyone.
#2. I am well aware of China's Human Rights violations. Check it for yourself at this site.....Amnesty International.
#3. I too wonder if our country should participate in the Beijing Olympics because of these violations amongst other issues regarding China.
#4. I receive many e-mails reporting on the products that come into our country (and others) from China. Especially regarding the social/economic problems that now impact our country. These usually come along with various sorts of boycott information, etc. etc. etc.

I haven't any "pat answers" or easy solutions or any solutions in fact to any of these issues. I just do what I can on my end. Which sometimes to me doesn't seem like enough. I wish I could fix it all but I can't.

In conclusion I want to say that I like what the Tibetans did when the devastating earthquake hit China. They have prayed for the Chinese people......but they also took action and raised financial support for the quake victims and have sent aid to the stricken area.
They didn't curse them or accuse them...didn't blame it on "bad karma" for the way they treated the Dali Lama and their fellow countrymen...instead....they rose to the "occasion" and "served their oppressors."
I think that says alot.

Don't let Hollywood or anyone else speak for you. Speak up for, and on the behalf of others who can't speak for themselves whenever you get the opportunity......even if it's just to write a comment on a website. Wither it be to the "House of Dior or Popeye's Chicken."

Hey we live in Louisiana, we eat that stuff here....and I have called their comment line recently to give a "THANK YOU" to them regarding their drive up window person at the location by my house....unbeknowns to her...I noticed her name on her name tag and scribbled down their "800" number off the window and wrote myself a NOTE to "call Popeyes" right then and there in my truck while waiting for my order to be filled because this little girl was so sweet and helpful!

I'm sure all they ever get called about on those comment lines are bad situations....why not spread some love once in awhile??

It DOES make a difference to someone.

By the way.....the "House of Dior" has written me back a wonderful response.

Frankly, I'm impressed.

So I may just have to go out and buy myself a nice, little scarf or something of theirs. Maybe Dior will donate some of their proceeds to the earthquake victims even. Who knows?

Better yet....I might have to get this Tee Shirt might want one too!
Check it out...."5o Thousand Shirts"
I will post what they said in a little bit.
Stay tuned.


Susie Harris said...

When I saw them bringing out a little girl around the same age as my maddy. My heart sank... Bad Karma my tootie. Sorry for the ugly but what does a sweet precious child of God have to do with bad Karma. Bad things happen to good people. Thats just the way the world is. It's our place to do the right thing. I just pray for the Mommies and familes of those that are gone... way to go Dior! Susie H

Ms.Daisy said...

I could not agree with you more on this topic. Good for you for contacting Dior and expressing your opinion! More of us should be doing the same thing.

Also: The Tibetan people remind me of the Amish families who prayed for the murderer of their beloved girls and even went to his funeral and comforted his widow. Remarkable role models for all of us.

Your style is one that I can easily relate to - and you can be sure I will be back to visit often. Put the tea kettle on!

Shari said...

Good to see you up on your soap box, Joyce. The Fifty Thousand Shirts campaign is a good idea. I see that World Vision is one of the sponsors.

IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, As Susie Harris stated in the first comment "bad things happen to good people". The China earthquake is absolutely awful! I feel helpless sitting here in the comforts of my cottage when these lovely people have nothing.
Sharon Stone should have given her comment more through.
Way to go Joyce for adding this post! Hugs & love to you my dear friend. ~Mary~ :-}

Alice said...

I was shocked by Ms. Stone's comment. She doesn't seem to understand the difference between a government's policies and the human beings who live in that country. How could she not be heartbroken to see what has happened to those poor people.

HerstoryGirl said...

I have to agree.
All I could think when I heard her thoughtless comments was, "So, did New Orleans and the Gulf Coast just experience 'bad karma,' too?"
I've never thought Sharon Stone was the brightest and she has certainly done nothing here to change my opinion!
I'm very sad for the Chinese who lost so much... we all need to keep them in our prayers.

lila said...

You have writtine an excellent post expressing love, compassiona nd true understanding of a heart-breaking situation.
Thank-you for all the thought and care that you putinto this!

KJ said...

Amen, sister! I heard recently that the biggest threat to America is not Human Secularism, but an apathetic church. I love your proactive spirit!

Hey, I voted today. I went in just before closing and I was only 900 something. That's pretty bad for our area. People complain but they don't vote.

Hey chickie... Check out my blog. I have something waiting for li'l ol' you!

Tootles, KJ

Steph said...

Joyce - thank you for contacting Dior! I'm so impressed that they wrote you back - yeah for making a difference!

And thank you, as well, for the wonderful box of treasures you sent as part of the "pay it forward" event. Fun! I felt totally spoiled!

Steph said...

hi, Joyce - I also blogged about the package I received today. thank you so much!

Susie Harris said...

Hey Miss Joyce! Just checking in on ya. Miss you, Susie H