Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Off This Horse.......

Sorry it's taken me so long to post this. It's been a busy week around usual it seems.

I DO want to "Get Off This Hobby Horse" though and move I will now print out for you the reply that the "House of Dior" sent to me following my e-mail to them regarding the very untimely and uncompassionate remarks regarding the earthquake that took place in China....which were made by one
"Sharon Stone" who is/was one of their spokes persons.

You can read about the entire thing in the post below this one.....

This is the reply I received from Dior:

Dear Ms. Mahan,

Thank you for contacting us and sharing your concerns about this matter. Please be aware that we entirely disagree with the statements made by Ms. Stone and do not support her opinions on this matter in any way.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic devastation in China caused by the earthquake, and we regret any statements that hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.

We appreciate that you contacted us.



Customer Relations

Christian Dior Couture

Good to know.....I appreciate the stand they took. They are a BIG and FAMOUS Fashion House that has been around since 1945 and didn't have to address what she said.....but they did.

Whenever you see a cause or an issue that you CAN address....why not do it?
It didn't cost me one penny to do what I did. We have pens, we have computers....we can take action.

You can do this too....and it will make a difference to someone.

We should never want revenge in situations.....but we should want to see "Justice."
I am very passionate about Justice.


Susie Harris said...

Im so glad your back! You did the right thing Joyce. It's so easy to turn your head and look the other way but not you! You stood up for what you believe in and I think your great. Susie H

Angie(quillysilly) said...

If all of us would just stand up when we see injustice, wether it be great like this, or small as in picking up trash that someone carelessly tossed to the ground, we make the world a better place. Kudos to you Joyce!

I am off on my trip tomorrow and will hopefully be posting my foreign tidbits along the way! Chat with you later!!! Angie

Ms.Daisy said...

Good for you! You have the courage of your convictions; something I wish more of us had! Keep up the good work.


Julie said...

Hi, Joyce, my dear friend,

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I haven't been commenting anywhere. Real life intruded, big time. I know you understand. Thank goodness for emails.

(And by the way, we do have some humid summer episodes here, and I get sick to my stomach when that happens. Fortunately, this does not happen a lot.)

But now I am back and intend to have a fabulous summer, which includes re-connecting with my best blogging friends.

I am off to see what other posts I missed. I hope you don't mind if I don't comment on them all. I just got too far behind.

Love, Julie

Steph said...

An inspiration for making a difference!

Joyce said...

Steph, that is amazing because I just wrote a post today and used the "I" word in it....I mean that is what it was all about.
Great minds!
Julie....don't worry about me....I will never be offended if you haven't or don't comment on here. We are allllll way busy. I will keep up with you anyhow via e-mails.