Friday, June 13, 2008

Here I am....and only 3 days of "Paid Vacation" time left

I haven't really been hiding since getting back in from our little trip's just that I've been trying to get "back into the swing of things"....
Appointments, kids, house cleaning, food cooking, you know, it's called.......

The "away" places and spaces are always gone too fast for me....sigh.
I taking love trips!

And this one went WAY too fast for some reason.

I didn't even take any photos...this was more like a "long weekend"....but it was good while it was happening.
My husband had some business to do so "Miss Priss, Italian Boy, and I" were able to go along for a few days and hang out in the very nice pool area and do a few other things as well.

I'm very grateful that we were able to do this.
Especially because I know many famiilies that won't or can't go on a mini trip even.

We have always been VERY BLESSED to be able to take frequent mini trip and some wonderful vacations with our family.

However....something that "bugs" me right now is knowing that most of America (us included) have VERY limited vacation/holiday time..... America's employer's are getting very BAD about taking "off time" away from it's people.

Especially when you realize just HOW MUCH vacation/holiday time people in the European Union get.
Check this out:
"The average leave and public holiday entitlements across all 27 EU states is 34 days, with little difference between Eastern and Western Europe. Employees in Finland benefit from 44 days’ holiday, while those in France and Lithuania receive 40 days. In contrast, staff in the UK, Netherlands and Romania are allowed just 28 days off. The figures are based on statutory entitlements for an employee working five days a week, with 10 years’ service."

Yikes!!! We are SO not getting this kind of paid vacation/holiday time off in America and Canada.

Here is another paragraph from a Website I was reading today.
It's called......
***Take Back Your Vacation***

"Vacations are vanishing. Only 14% of Americans will get a vacation of two weeks or longer this year. A third of women and a quarter of men get no annual leave anymore, as annual leave benefits are being eliminated like pensions. Many others are afraid to use their paid leave for fear they could be laid off or demoted if they do. No wonder the average American vacation is now down to a long weekend."

You know that really isn't good for families and individuals....people need some rest and relaxation from time to time, even if they just stay home.

But then right now add in very high gas prices and the housing crisis and umemployement, other economic issues.....and you must realize that families aren't going to be able to spend any time off somewhere together.....because they can't either take the time away or the can't afford even the simplest, tiny vacation.

Take a peek if you wish at this site........"Take Back Your Time"It's very interesting....

Our family now only has 3 days of "Paid Vacation" left....we always end up taking time off "without pay" when needed.....I know we have some things to do as a family before this year is out. We also had a "Big Trip" planned for the Fall, but have scrapped now for the time being and that's okay.

Something always works out in the end for us......but I am concerned for the others that only get 5 days of paid vacation/holiday leave even after YEARS of working for a company or corporation.
Yet, in light of what is, and has been happening in our home state of "Iowa" and other parts of the United States and the World.....
I really haven't any problems to complain about.

I have to work at keeping things in "proper perspective" at times.
Just watch the daily news though, and it doesn't take much to get your eyes back in focus.

Do I still think we need more vacation time?



Susie Harris said...

Glad your back and had fun. Guess we will head to the beach soon for a mini trip as well. We just keep waiting for the gas price to go down, not... I guess it will be now or never. Miss you, Susie H

iwka said...

This is the one thing I miss about Communism: 30 or more (depending on your years working)days of vacation each year. Paid.

Joyce said...

Good you get all those vacation days but no bread, or sugar or butter, etc. and wait in long food lines...?
Free health care too huh?
Hummm.....I think we are heading that communism that many ways.....but STILL with very few vacation days.
I all hate this.

Better go on little trip now....
Gas was WAY more expenisve in Mississippi....but our son told us they are paying nearly $4.50 a gallon in Connecticut....this gas thing is getting way out of control. We aren't set up to walk everywhere like in Europe....or take the train systems.

Angie(quillysilly) said...

Hello sweet Joyce! Just popping in while in Cambridge to say hello! Having a fabulous time and wishing I had more to swing over the Green Island to snap some photos for you... Glad to see you were able to enjoy your getaway(holiday as they say here!!) toodles...Angie