Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two things........or Three or Four....

Silly girl that I am....I should be packing....we are leaving for the coast for FOUR glorious days..and here I sit.
What can I say?
When it starts to flow I have to "write it down." HA! Plus I'm watching something on my comp at the same time as I am writing this....

Soooo...did any of you happen to see this photo and what is going on with Tony Blair??

No apologies here. I am a HUGE "Tony Blair" fan.....I always have been, I can't really tell you why but I've watched what he's done and am now paying attention to what he's now doing. It's not an infatuation thing although I have had and do continue to have a burden for his country.

England that is...he was born in Scotland but I'm talking England here...where he served as the "longest serving Prime Minister" ever before stepping down last year.

Tony Blair is serving in the Middle East now as an "Envoy" on behalf of behalf of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia.

Here's a good article you might want to check out that I found on the BBC called "Blair To Devote His Life To Faith" which is worth reading....very interesting in fact.

The BBC includes this quote from Blair in the article.....
"You don't put a hotline up to God and get the answers.
"The worst thing in politics is when you're so scared of losing support that you don't do what you think is the right thing.

"What faith can do is not tell you what is right but give you the strength to do it."

I have to DISAGREE with Mr. Blair on that point.....I can understand the "fear" that one would feel in politics...being "scared of losing support".... I am sure it's a hard place to be in...but I must say....I feel that one "CAN put a hotline up to God and be told what is "right" AND have the strength to do it" altogether.


God TV...I am nearly addicted to it lately.

I pick up the "live feed" on my computer and watch it. I love it. And for me.....

OF COURSE.....I am watching alot of the U.K. stuff.....the other night I watched a great show from the U.K....loved it......and right now....I'm viewing the
"One Thing Jerusalem Conference"'s very cool and interesting to watch people speaking and singing in Hebrew and English of course.

This morning I watched a good bit of "Frenzy 2008" from Edinburgh, Scotland and saw my FAVORITE band

I was very excited about that.I had just bought their new CD called......"Kingdom Of Comfort."

Now what do you think that could be about with a title like that??? I love these guys because they are all about "Helping Humanity".....they have big hearts and I like that. They have joined a group of music artists in forming a charity called......"Compassion Art." Take a look at that site.

And here are the lyrics to "Kingdom Of Comfort".....hummmm......the chorus IS impressive.

***Kingdom Of Comfort***

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things

I built myself a happy home
In my palace on my own
My castle falling in the sand
Pull me out, please grab my hand
I just forgot where I came from

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things

I rob myself of innocence
With the poison of indifference
I buy my stuff at any cost
A couple of clicks and I pay the price
Coz what I gain is someone else's loss

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
To this kingdom of heaven where you are king

Written by Delirious? ©2008 Curious? Music UK

I'll be talking to you all when I get back.... it's time for some "R&R" now.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a lovely break. The weather is great here in the UK today, and I should be out in it while it lasts! But there you are ... that's computer addicts for you


You might like to visit my blog on Tony Blair, which I set up when his party decided (in their wisdom ... er ... stupidity) that he had to go.

He was a great prime minister for my country and a good man.

Susie Harris said...

Have fun Joyce and be safe, Susie H

Mary Isabella said...

Wonderful post. Have a great get-a-way...Mary

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I love the lyrics to Kingdom of Comfort...thanks for sharing them.

And also for sharing the info on Tony Blair. I think he is a good man and was a very good friend to the USA when we needed a friend.

Charlotte said...

Hi Joyce,
I haven't visited you in quite a while and decided to come around today. I'm glad I did. I was glad to see the post on Tony Blair. I am a fan of his as well. I think he is a terrific loyal person, and I'm so glad that he's a Christian. I've never heard of God TV.
Hugs & Blessings,

Denise said...

I love love love Delirious and after living in England for 3 years many years ago I love the country........ I think that they need a lot of prayer right now as does our wonderful USA...

I admire Tony B and always have...

Have a great time on your little get away...........