Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"ASPI(RED)"....to learn new things


I am SO not the technical one.

Tonight I loaded a new CD Miss Priss bought today onto my "ITunes" library so I could then get it loaded onto my IPod at some point. And then I goofed up something. I think.

I didn't want to ask Miss Priss for help and be mocked.
You know what I mean. Teenagers. Ugh!! Every notice how they EVERYTHING on the planet and the parents do not???

My kids can accomplish so many "techy" things and I always FORGET how to do them.....especially the IPod thing because I don't do it enough.

Another thing I am bad with....is my cell phone.....blah!
That one really gets my kids.

I JUST learned how to "text message" last year and only by accident because someone sent me a text at 3:00am one time...and I was determined to find out WHAT that bizarre sound was coming from my phone and I presumed it was a text message but I had never opened or sent one before.
I played with it until I figured it out....
The message just so happened to be from our very good friends who were in South Africa at the time.

The wife was writing to "ask for 'prayer' because the husband was going to be 'bungee jumping in a few moments".....to which once I read it and absorbed the message I thought to myself..

"WHAT.... are you kidding me????"
Because by then it was probably like...4:00am in my part of the world and I was thinking that the "prayer needful jump" was probably over by then.

Now, I just said all of that to say this.....that event...forced me to figure the text messaging thing out because I wanted to know something bad enough.

Now I "text" all the the time with Miss Priss.

Sometimes we have to get OUT of our "comfort zones" even in the most common of everyday things....which may be hard for us, yet easy for someone else.

Last month when Gabe was home...I asked him how to put my phone on "vibrate" and he said...."Mom...I showed you that a long time ago."

Eeegh..I didn't even remember him doing that at ALL. HA! But I remember how to do it now. After that comment. He was nice, I just felt a bit ummm...."forgetful."

I drive Miss Priss nutty pretty much all the time with this kind of stuff because she's with me the most, so she's the one that has to "fix" these things for me when they go awry.
That in turn drives me nutty
Well, the fact that I can't do it and they can.

Tonight I figured I would just call Gabe my IPod savvy oldest son instead because I knew he could help me out.

He started giving me this IPod "tutorial" over the phone and via "instant messaging" on the computer all at once... and he's telling me to do this and that and go to "advanced" and blah, blah, blah.....before I know it....my entire library is backwards and shifted around....so it's pretty much messed up a bit worse that it was.

He doesn't know what happened because he can't see it because he's in Connecticut for Pete's Sake.

Then he "rats me out" by sending a "text message" to Miss Priss to have her "go see what Mom did." I KNEW the minute she came prancing into the office to see what I was doing that he had told her so I asked her "did Gabe call you".....she said..."no he sent me a text"...urrrrr.
Anyway....she too couldn't "undo" whatever happened either.

I mean it's not a "world crisis" or anything.
Just a bit frustrating is all.

Is this just me or what?
I really don't do any of this stuff on a consistent enough basis....I've learned in life that "repetition" really does help us to remember.

I guess I need to change out the ol "IPod" more often......especially since I haven't done it at all since Christmas.

ALL the Christmas music is still loaded on it.

Often times I'll have the IPod playing in the house somewhere and then all of a sudden....here comes Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" and I have to nearly break my neck to run over to the dock to get it switched off really fast before someone hears it.
ESPECIALLY my teenagers.

My husband heard it one day thought it was weird. HA!Since it is June.
I can put up with teasing me....it's these kids that make you feel old and dingy.
That I can't take.

I sort of like to take the Scarlett O'Hara approach when it comes to these technical things though.....the....

"Oh I can't think about this now! I'll go crazy if I do! I'll think about it tomorrow. But I must think about it. I must think about it. What is there to do? What is there that matters? Tara! Home. I'll go home."
Well.......all except the "Tara" being "home" part of course. And I just leave it alone and don't fix it.....even though it's broke.

I am going to ASPIRE to work on these things I tell myself...
One day.
I want this very cool, "Product (RED)" IPod but I can't keep up with the very nice black one I have already so I don't think I will be getting a new one just so I can have a (RED) one.

I LOVE all the "Product (RED)"stuff....I'm wearing one of their shirts even now. It says.......


and I think I am.
Especially by these people who call me "Mom"....who I drive mad.
And who also drive me mad.

Check out the (RED) campaign.....it works for a worthy cause.
I'm ASPI(RED) to get out of my "comfort zone."
In more ways than one.


Susie Harris said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods! I rather take a tar bath then to ask for help from my kids... I know the look too. It's that you are so dumd look. Why must they forget that we pay the bills , feed, gave birth to them.... im fellin' ya... Susie

Sara said...

Well I'm a LOT younger than you (HAHAHA) and I've never sent a text message! Mostly because I'm not willing to pay the fees for it, I'm too cheap for that and a ipod :)

Alice said...

Oh, boy, I don't even have a cell phone. Your kids would really think I'm in the dark ages. I borrow my husband's cell when I drive far though and each time I must ask him how to turn the darn thing on. He's quite patient though since we're the same age and he knows the brain cells we've lost. :)

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't last in Europe. Text messaging is more popular then calling, bc it's cheaper. You can see people SMSing everywhere, and all the time, even while walking on the streets.

Joyce said...

Iwka.....well I don't think I'd last in Europe just because they WALK everywhere. Last time I went...I lost a ton of weight walking those streets..I'm a tad bit....fluffier now. Ugh.
I can sort of text and do other things...sort of. HA! My kids can forsure. They don't call people anymore...they only text them. Drives me nuts...I'm like "don't you want to hear their voice?" Guess not.

Sara.....we have that "family plan" thing..and I make my KIDS pay for it. I did get my Ipod for my birthday so that worked.

Alice....that SO CRACKED me up about the "lost brain cells"....you know...I always say..."WHAT did we ever do before cell phones?

Your two older ones are about the ages of my Luke and Miss Priss...so we are both living it.
That was so funny about the "tar bath"...ouch.

KJ said...

Oh, am I behind or what!!! You can tell this is my off the charts season!

I confess that I am more tech saavy than you. But, be assured that our kids know so much about cell phones and iPods because they do it CONSTANTLY! Sometimes, I wish someone would take the darn things away for awhile and show our youngsters how to have normal communication. I wrote a sketch about this once and someone walked up to me afterward and said, "You wrote that about me didn't you?" Uh, hmmm, uh...

Remember the days where we went to the store without a cell phone and we didn't worry about who was ringing us while we were away? I could actually shop without one concern over who wanted to speak to me. Amazing, isn't it.

Ok, our gadgets can be fun. I am glad that you are braving scrutiny to learn your stuff. (You can always call me.)

Love, KJ

Julie said...

I don't have a cell phone because I hate them.

I don't have an IPOD because I wouldn't be able to figure it out, and my daughter is halfway across the US!