Friday, June 20, 2008

Camp Day for Miss Priss

"Miss Priss and her BFF"

This morning bright and early......."Miss Priss and her BFF" left out for camp. They are on buses bound for Panama City, Florida right at this very moment.
This will be their last year going to this camp because after this year......they will be too old to go. :~(

They've gone to this group camp for FIVE years now together.....they were just little girls when they started going. Now they are grown fact......last year they were there at this camp along with their good friend, Kenzie, who is also the daughter of one of my VERY best friends.

"BFF, Kenzie, Miss Priss".....uh...yes that is vegetables up their noses.
Miss Priss and Kenzie last year at camp.
This year Kenzie isn't able to fact she's out of the country right now even.....preparing to GET MARRIED in August.
Sigh.........all my little girls.
Where have they gone to? Where did the days and years go? I wonder this many days and ponder it many nights.

Miss Priss ready to go to a special event with "Italian Boy."

Now they are ladies.....well, ummm for the most part I think regarding the others...Miss Priss still has her "moments" HA!
But they're not so silly anymore.
Miss Priss holding our good friend Chantelle's baby.


Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

How wonderful that they have so many great memories together! Beautiful young women full of life - maybe not little girls anymore but becoming something just as special :~)

Julie said...

Your daughter has the most beautiful coloring!