Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nap Time

This will be me in about 5 minutes.
All except the man standing over me. Which if he were would be my husband asking...."What's for dinner?"

We had a MAJOR work out in the pool this morning and we all left worn out.
Miss Sandi brought in a "Very special" aerobics trainer..and she worked our biscuits to the bone. Well.....not quite to the bone...don't I wish. HA!

But it was fun having her there. She was a very cute lady and nice. We found out that we already do so much of what she was teaching us today so that was good.

As soon as we got out of the pool we were hit with a huge thunderstorm so that was good timing. No one was hit by lighting at least, that I know of. HA!
We had a VERY NICE luncheon that we had planned for afterwards.

Funny I know.....but it was all "good and healthy" food.....:~) I brought a nice red and green leaf lettuce salad with all sorts of things in it. Yummmm!

I love my pool group. It's such a diverse group of women and they are all nice. We had 8 ladies there today.

I'm exhausted now, and have a million things to do.

But the bed is calling me....I'm taking a cup of tea with me to relax with.
I can't linger in there long but.....I think I CAN take a "power nap."

Then I must get up and get going to the Bone and Joint Doctor which is in a crazy part of town that I dread driving to because the traffic is so bad there....blah!

I'm off to dream land for now.

Much more later. Stay tuned.


Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I know how you feel - some days are like that! But a power nap will help and then you can keep going and going and...haha!

Going through a kitchen redo is NOT FUN, I had a major disaster at the end of March (a water pipe broke in the soffet above the kitchen sink.) and because I was inexperienced at working with contractors - well you can guess the rest!(It did get ugly)- Finally, at the end of April I signed off on the insurance papers. I will pray that all goes smoothly for you!

The Rose Room said...

ha ha, yep my Husband would be waking me to ask me something ridiculous as well! Funny, we have had thunder and lightening storms for two days! Happy napping - Rachaelxo

Susie Harris said...

Hey Miss Joyce. thanks for the comment and nice email. I feel much better now. looking back I cant believe I let that even get to me. Seem s like the older I get the more sensitive I get.. ugh! I guess I should have learned this stuff from the last one remember? I just moved on and keep being me. Thanks again for bringing me back to reality... You are a true southern lady, smile... Susie H~

Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce,

Just popped by to say 'hello' it's been far too long, sorry, as usual very busy these days but you are often in my thoughts!! Jackie x

Sonja said...

Hey Joyce...that is so to know where you find these pictures. Love your humor.
I haven't been inspired to write lately, guess those times come.
I am in San Antonio and have been for around 2 weeks...Wil joins me on Thurs. then we will stay another week. I am at my sisters enjoying the sun and good time.
Anyways...just really popped in to say Hi and that your writing is so good. You really should write a book one day...i believe the Lord could use that humor of yours...and boy could some of us use a little light side of things...I know I can. Humor doesn't come easy for me.
Have a great day.

sonja howell