Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taking A Rest

"Medieval Knights....taking a break."

Even Mighty Warriors need a rest.........

I need one too. We ACTUALLY have been working our brains out packing up the entire kitchen for the better part of the end of the week and all of the weekend. Sorting and figuring out how to keep some cooking and eating items "handy"...yet out of the way.


Yes, it's "out with the old, and in with the NEW" kitchen.

Did ever mention how MUCH I hate remodeling.
So's not been super bad doing all that has been done. Well, a few things have been but a bit slow, however...this kitchen redo...will be a mess I'm afraid.
I can feel it already.

HOPEFULLY we can get this over and done my goal of
July 4th.
Or am I just dreaming??

I'm exhausted.... AND not to mention we had company today during all this
CRAZY, HOSPITABLE, people that we are. :~)

Our good Chantelle who is in town from Alabama, came over today with her baby and bought us Chinese food for supper.
That was very nice of her. They just left after being here most of the afternoon and evening so she can get the baby down for the night.

My friend Joanie called to remind me that "our show" coming on tonight. Which is "Masterpiece Theatre" doesn't matter which series is showing.......we love it all.

I will now proceed to lay on the couch and watch the new PBS series that is beginning tonight called ....."Inspector Lewis."

I hope your day has been good as well.
For now.....come and take a break and watch some Masterpiece Theatre tonight along with my good friend Joanie and I.


Susie Harris said...

I just cant wait to see pictures of your kitchen...I know you must be dreading this stuff. We had to replace our tile once.UGH... thats all Im gonna say about that! Hope it goes smooth for yall. Hope you enjoy your movie too, Susie H~

Mary Isabella said...

I know you will enjoy your Kitchen when it is finished...Wishing you a week overflowing with good things....Mary

Alice said...

I get two different PBS stations here but both of them are having fund drives. I really miss my Masterpiece Theatre!

Julie said...

You had the best kind of guests. The ones who bring you the meal!

Susie Harris said...

Hey Joyce.. I knew my day would come! After you read my post you will understand. Guess Im a magnet for meaness. Why do I always attract those few bloggin women that are hateful.. I held my head high but am in need of much prayer. Thanks for being a true friend, Susie H~