Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gabe's "New Ride"

Gabe and his new car.
Gabe flew into New Orleans from up north last week and bought a new car. It's not totally brand new...it's a 2003 but he has ALWAYS wanted this kind of car. So he is thrilled.

We visited with him for several days.
Now he's on his way back to his home far, far, away in a distant land called Connecticut.
Some where I have never been. Sigh.

He loves it up there....for many reasons.
But one being it is so much cooler than here. Gabe has always liked a cooler climate.

We checked in with the "Connecticut Yankee" last night and after driving 17 hours straight, and going through a "scary and weird experience in Mobile Alabama at 3:30 in the morning."

I knew my husband and I had both woke up praying for him in the night several times for a good reason. I called him at 5:00am to check in on him to make sure he was still awake after driving all night.

He had finally made it to Virginia yesterday evening where he was staying the next two days with a friend and attending some business seminars for work before driving the rest of the way home.

I am a bit concerned though.

About his car that is.
I wonder how they are going to like his car up there in "U-Conn" territory...Especially since he put that LSU plate on the front has added that huge LSU sticker on the back windshield..umm....not counting the one on the front windshield. Yikes!

You would think that boy liked LSU or something......


Ms.Daisy said...

Hi, It is very hard to have your child so far away...I know the feeling when my daughter and son-in-law moved to California. I felt like it was the end of the world. When I got to visit them in California I did feel better as CA is a most lovely state and is all everyone says about it. They moved "back East" 5 years ago when my granddaughter was born and they are now only 3 hours away...that's where I was this past weekend.
I hope you had a good 4th holiday what with the tearing up of your kitchen and all. LOL!


SweetAnnee said...

Wow ..what a LONG drive
..glad he's home..and safe.
I love his car..and he's quite
a handsome young man.
Love to you

Susie Harris said...

Congrats gabe on your new ride... All I gotta say is Go Tigers!!! Susie H~