Monday, July 7, 2008

Major Changes........

Ripping out the kitchen
We have been doing some MAJOR CHANGES in our home this year. We just completed the main hall bathroom....which is looking pretty good I must say so myself.

Then last month we had a huge DRAMA.....with this project.
Believe me it was DRAMA too!! I am not over exaggerating in the least bit when I say that.
This is what the "old air conditioner/furnace" looked like once they pulled it out from it's spot and put it on our patio. Scary.....

We had problem after problem with this project.
The A/C people started EARLY in the morning and it was to be done that about 7:15pm I was coming home from work and called my husband and he told me that we had "no Air Conditioning and that they had a problem".....ugh.
OF COURSE....this was ONE of the most humid days we had experienced up to this point in this our house was unbelievably HOT and humid inside when I got home.

My husband had the main A/C man....a friend of ours coming over to check the freon to see what was going on and they found a "leak in the main coil"...ugh! By then it was after we triaged the situation and decided to pull out every fan we could...and stick then in the windows and take showers to cool off before going to bed. Ceiling fans blaring of course on high speed.

We were in "hurricane mode" but with power...which we usually pull off anyway because we use a generator....we just had "extra fans" going this time.

Long story.....ummm.....longer.

They fixed all they could and we soon all realized that it still wasn't right.

....still with no air in SOUTH LOUISIANA where it was/is very humid and about 80 degrees at 10:00 at night.....and where we have been running our air conditioner.....since December mind you......
(NEW Air Conditioner)

They decided they had to REPLACE the unit they had just put in because it was "defective"....our poor A/C guy who is the nicest guy on the planet...and my poor husband.
They both nearly went crazy over this......and me.....well, I was staying out of it. HA! HA!

I was already frustrated with the mess of it all.....water on the wood floors and rust and the constant running in and out...not counting all the stress of this unit not working. And the expenses.
They seemed to keep going up from what the original estimate/costs were to be some reason. UGH! it's done and we sang "Hallelujah" when the air really DID come on and it was sweet.

That is UNTIL the next FOUR....the air went "off" on it's own and we couldn't get it back on....SO we had to call our sweet A/C guy and he had to go BACK UP into the attic which is like a "coffin" this time of year....and fix an "electrical problem."

This new unit now works so much better and nicer than our old one and pulls much more humidity out of the air we can tell and hopefully will save us money.

Now we are on the "Kitchen remodel project"....and on a deadline.
My 17 year old Twin Niece and Nephew from IOWA are flying down to stay with us for TWO weeks and we pick them up in New Orleans on the 20th. Soooo...we are trying to get this nearly finished by then.

Photos will be forthcoming when I get a chance to down load them all.....

The kitchen was nearly totally gutted.... the electrical and plumbing is DONE and the new drywall up and about ready to be painted. We have to hurry and get the cabinets up because the counter top people are coming to do the template for them on Wednesday.

Yes....we love living "on the edge."
I think.


Susie Harris said...

Oh my goodness...days without air! Life is so unfair at times.. We had our unit go out last year cause of a snake... yes, it was a fried snake that did alot of damage... You just never know. Glad all is well again. Cant wait to see those pictures! Susie H~

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what a deal..but the end will be wonderful
smiles ..deena

Denise said...

Oh I hate to remodel.... but we are fixing to knock out a wall in the kitchen..... it used to house the old a/c and heating unit.... We replaced it this sping and put the new unit in the attic.... but now the old wall and old unit has to come out...... but it will be so very nice when finished.....

Eleanor said...

Oh, yes renovations are there to try our patience alright! Congrats on the award from The Daisy Chain! And I love CS Lewis, will have to post a quote as you recommend. Love Eleanor

Anonymous said...

Major Changes"...I thought this post will be about us... well...

Joyce said...

Your so funny.....I knew you would think that when I wrote that title. HA!

Steph said...

Oh, wow! Keep us posted and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I *love* your new bathroom. I can hardly wait to see your new kitchen.