Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!!

I LOVE our flag.

I always have. I just think it's very cool looking. The history is amazing and....and you always recognize it. No matter where you are....or what is happening to it. Good or bad.
I mean I do. Maybe that doesn't work for everyone. I'm not sure about that.
It just happens that way for me.

But then again, I flags in general.....and I love the "Nations" so I am into flags. Because I can identify where something or someone may be from.

That's why I am into that little "blog reader counter" thing on the side bar because it shows a flag and the country. Things like that facsinate me. HA!

It's because they, the flagsthat is.... "REPRESENT" something...they STAND for something....they express.
There is a story and usually a struggle behind who they are waved by and for the land they fly over.
And that is important to many.

When you see a flag from a different nation...and if you recognize it....don't you immediatly think of that country and their people and what their history is?
What they have become known for?
I do...maybe I am just wired different but that's how I am.

I absolutely love to watch the "Opening Ceremonies" for the Olympics and see the
"Parade of the Nations" and the athletes carrying their flags.
It's so awesome to me.

I've been to Third World countries...and also to other "Western" countries....

And then I've come home.

There is just "something" about seeing your OWN country......and seeing your own Flag when you hit the ground or come through Immigration. I've been on planes where once they land....everyone has applauded.....and it wasn't because it had been a bumpy ride. It was because we were back on American soil after being out of our own country.

It didn't mean we didn't like where we had just meant were were glad to be back home.

I've heard people say....once arriving back into America or whatever "homeland" they belong to....that "they wanted to KISS the ground"....

I have been there and I can relate. It's always fun to go away....but it's always GREAT to be back.

I have to agree with them and say......
"Yes Dorothy...there is no place like home.

I'm not saying that things are perfect in America.
I wouldn't be that bold or pompous.
Believe me.....there are things that bother me just like anyone else.
But you work it out. You do what YOU can to fix make it better.

What I am saying though is that........
"I love this country....this America."

The name is neat too isn't it?
I just said it out loud and I think it sounds great. HA!

I have few "FAVORITES" when it comes to other countries.... as most of you already know...but I have to say...and no offense intended here.....
I like "mine" the best.

Do you know which one is #2 on my list?? HA! HA!
We will talk about that is
"America's" day.**Post Note**
I received this in my e-mail just's sort of fun to read.
And it explains a lot of how I feel.....except for #10. HA! That one varies depending on who is reading it.
"Ten Things I LOVE about America"


Susie Harris said...

Happy fourth Miss Joyce... =)..... Susie

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what a wonderful post. Hope your 4th was fun. I do miss the fireworks on the levee in Gramercy, but that's a whole other story. I am back at the Crowley address, so if you don't have it, email me and let me know. Hugs, Pat

Denise said...

I too have been around the world twice and lived in third world countries for several years at a time..... there was always a thrill when that plane touched down on American soil...... No we are not perfect, but we are home... and home is comfortable, and warms our heart......... We must pray for our beautiful nation.... we must pray......

great post girl friend, great post

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

Hope your 4th was wonderful Joyce! I always get goose bumps to the national anthem :~)