Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Many Things to Ponder

"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you."
~Marsha Norman~

I don't know about any of you, but my month has been very busy.
And although I am an organized's been full of confusion at times. Even with my BEST planning intact. New challenges have arose that I did not expect.

As a result of all this....I have hardly had time to read or to sit and meditate or to have quiet thinking even.

Let alone to dream.
Which I dearly miss.

You have to MAKE time to do these things sometimes.

I need a moments rest and...we are heading into a long "running" stretch the next two weeks with my Twin Niece and Nephew, who my kids refer to as "The Cousins" flying down from Iowa on Sunday night.

I have "day trips" planned for us all in my head already, including a trip to New Orleans to sight see in the French Quarter and surrounding areas, next Tuesday if all goes well.
There is a lot to do and see here in Louisiana. Tons of history.

And of course....the food is awesome. Not that they care but some of us do! HA!

The "kitchen remodel" is coming digital camera's chip is FULL UP so I have to go purchase a new one before I can shoot any more photos to post.

By this weekend...we should have it about 75-80 percent complete. The new "Cambria" counter tops will be installed tomorrow morning....Thank GOODNESS!!!
Cambria is a quartz material and does not hold bacteria and that was a huge reason why we selected it. Plus it is beautiful and hasn't the maintenance upkeep like granite does.

We have picked out a color called "Brownhill" to match our new cabinets.

We painted the walls the same color be had before because we loved it.
It's called "Chesteretown Buff" and it's one of the "Historical Colors" by Benjamin Moore Paints.
Here's the paint color:
We had hoped to have this More than over before the Twins arrived.
But it hasn't worked that way....gitches you know.
Lots of glitches.

Three weeks without a stove or a sink with running water. Ugh!!!
I'm nearly over the edge with all this :~)


Susie Harris said...

Very nice countertops... I love the color too. You can change it up with so much. What color are you going with on your walls?
Hope all is well with the kidos for the next two weeks.. Prayer...smiles... Your nextdoor blogger, Susie H~

Joyce said...

Hey Susie,
It's a Benjamin Moore "Historical Color"....called "Chestertown Buff"...I'll post a sample of it.
Thanks for asking.

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Joyce,
Just "hang in there" girl! It will all come together...I know 'cause I had some major damage in my kitchen in April and had to have the whole kitchen redone. It is now a joy to be in. Hey, my Wilson Art countertops are like yours but in color only! Very nice choice! HA!

Alice said...

Great choice for your countertops. I was without a kitchen for 4 weeks and lived on take-out food and cold sandwiches all that time. I'll bet you'll be cooking up a storm too when your kitchen is finished.

KJ said...

I can't wait to see your kitchen! The color is wonderful!

I just finished my performance season at the studio, so I'm ready to play! Woo woo! Ha!

I wish I could go sightseeing with y'all! I know I would love it!

Have a grand and glorious day!

Julie said...

I love that quote. I'm going to steal it and it will turn up in my blog one day.

So glad your kitchen remodel is almost done. Those projects can certainly become a headache.