Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Cousins"

"KJ" the "girl cousin"
"The Cousins" made it in Sunday night. Miss Priss and Italian Boy drove with me to New Orleans to retrieve them from the airport there and bring them back to Baton Rouge.

"Miss Priss" and I decided to take cousin "KJ" to our FAVORITE French restaurant here in Baton Rouge...."Le Madelines." We had.....
French Dips with Pesto Pasta salad and our FAV soup..Tomato Basil.

Love that stuff, the Tomato Basil is their trademark soup that they also sell in jars that you can purchase and bring home. Yum!
Miss Priss with her new haircut.

What do you think of it?

"Miss Priss and KJ"
Miss Priss has always looked HUGE beside her cousin even though she isn't....because KJ is so very tiny.

Tuesday we went back to New Orleans so we could show them the French Quarter and around town a bit.
St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

"The Twins..."K and KJ" in New Orleans

"The Three Cousins" in the French Quarter

"KJ in the Jimmy Buffet 'Margaritaville Shop' wearing a Cheeseburger hat.

"K" on the phone with a friend back home in Iowa"

"Miss Priss, Italian Boy, K and KJ"

"Miss Priss and Italian Boy" at the "Cafe Du Monde."

We ordered "Beignets" there.....because you just have to if you go to the French Quarter. It's traditional!
Beignets are "Square French Doughnuts" basically...with tons of powdery sugar goodness sprinkled all over them.

"KJ and her brother K" eating Beignets...messy but GOOOOOOD!

"K, Miss Priss, Italian Boy and KJ" on the Mississippi River Levee in New Orleans.

A couple of "fun facts" really quick.

#1. Miss Priss is 5 months older than "the Cousins".......who are twins...
#2. "KJ" was born first and "K" was born LAST and is the BIGGER of the twins....can you tell??
#3. It was HOT as a BLAST Furnace yesterday in New Orleans and very humid....which we are pretty accustomed to.
However...."the Cousins" were dying. Especially boy cousin......"K" who I chided the entire time for being a "weenie."
#4. We only stayed a bit over 3 hours....because they couldn't take the heat. HA!

#5. Luke hasn't been going with us much because he works all the time...and Caleb is in Florida and will be coming home on Friday so I will have to snap some photos of them with the cousins when I can.Oh well....
"Laissez bon temps roulette" we did "Let the good times Roll"...well....basically in plain terms...."a good time" was still had by all.

Today we are getting "rain bands" from Hurricane Dolly so it is cooling us down a bit along with occasional rain.

More new later.....
And I will post new photos of the kitchen remodel at some point. It's going VERY good. Thankfully!!!!


KJ said...

OH DARN, and I thought this post was all about me: KJ from California. If it is, I sure got cuter judging by the photos. Oh, and thank God, tinier! I'm ready to go out and move my clothing size from way-big-double-digits to 2 below zero!

What a wonderful day you must have had! Heat and all! You know what I always say? "A family that gets together, sweats together!"

Thanks for sharing your day with me! I wish I could have joined you for a Mint Julep!

Stop by my blog. I need your advice on GRITS.

Love ya, KJ

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce - these photos brought back the good time we had visiting New Orleans back in the 70's just after my nephew was born (1977). My sister and brother in law were living in Meterie (sp?) and took us to all the great places to see in N.L. We had a great time...thanks for the memories!
So glad to hear the kitchen redo is coming along!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what wonderful looking young people. You know you forgot to mention the humidity. We too got some horrible weather earlier today from the feeder bans. I need to travel to Baton Rouge soon to visit Micheals, even though we have one in Lafayette. Oh what it means to miss New Orleans! Hugs, Pat

Denise said...

I have never been to New Orleans, but my son Chris came down there after Katarina and help with security for Fox News..... I would love to see the city...

Your pictures are wonderful and those young people cause me to return to my youth in my mind..... Great pictures... Have a blessed Thursday.....

Susie Harris said...

Miss Priss..Im lovin' the hair! Very cute... I was at Perkins Rowe today... yum...Hope all is well... Susie H`

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I have an award for you...stop by my blog to pick it up!

Ms.Daisy said...

YOU are a WINNER to me!

I really enjoy your humor and common sense and I always stop by for a visit to see what's going on in your "neck of the woods!"

Luv 'n' hugs,

Sara said...

How did those kids get so big?! Well K anyway, KJ not so much LOL! I think it's so funny that out of us cousins that we've reused all of your sister's kids' names! And my K and KJ share the same name and are both tiny little things. I love the best part of New Orleans like the square, Cafe Du Monde, that restaurant and the architecture. In fact we're staying at the French Quarter hotel at Disney so we can get beingets. Tell Miss Priss that haircut makes her look older so I don't like it, can't she wear pigtails? Gorgeous kids!

Joyce said...

Miss Priss did the "pig tails" one day and it was realllllly cute. She curled her hair for church today and that was cute too.
Am I bias or what???