Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here I am.....

Today I met my good friend Diane for lunch.

She had "found" this new place to eat at and wanted me to go with her because she said "you'll love it..because it would make a GREAT Tea house." We both think alike in that manner because we miss our local Tea Room that we used to go to and hang out in.

I picked her up today and off we headed to "Central" which is a little ways outside (but not too far) of Baton used to be Baton Rouge but they have annexed themselves from the Big Ol'Red I want to honor them that way.

The restaurant is located on Joor Road....(for any of you that are interested in going) in a big old house.
It's called "Coopers Catering".....the food was excellent. Their service and prices were great too. I'm sure we will be going out there again sometime.
My Good Friend Diane

This month was Diane's birthday and last month was mine and since she spent the greater portion of July in Michigan visiting family and I had my niece and nephew here for two weeks in July once she got back...we haven't had a chance to get together and celebrate so we were able to do just that today.

I've been "wandering" away from my computer the past few weeks with minimal output from me onto this site. Guess I will work on that when it gets colder here and I'm not outside so much. HA! the way as far as that "cooler Louisiana weather thing"....that could be in late December or January here.
One never knows forsure.
But what I DO rain.
It's rained here EVERY single day. Our yards are a mess. But I heard on the news tonight we may have a bit of dry weather this weekend.


Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Joyce,
It's been so hot and humid here that I was beginning to think Louisiana moved up here to NJ!! Ha!
Finally, yesterday, we had a "Canadian High" move in over us and - Blessed relief! I've opened the windows and doors and it is we just need a little rain! (See we're never satisfied!)

I hope you're feeling better now,too!


Denise said...

Oh it is like October here...... AUGUST IN OKLAHOMA it should be in the upper 90's and 100's and I just put in a POOL!!!!!! it needs to heat up just a bit for a few more weeks..... We were in the pool tonight and it was 76 degrees.... burrrrrrrrrrrrr...... but we got in it...... I pray that it warms up just a bit! hahaha

Have a blessed Thursday

KJ said...

I will definitely pray for you friend's mother. I'm thankful that we have a merciful God!

Your friend Diana looks like a sweetheart. And, that is a gorgeous photo of YOU!

Tootles, KJ

Marsha said...

I miss "our" local Tea Room, too. Would that have been the HopeChest, by any chance? :))) Christy and I are still open for ideas and opportunities. Miss you and Diane, too.

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